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Wooing iPhone: the Saga of China Mobile and Unicom
With the news that China Unicom will soon introduce Apple's iPhone in China, it seems iPhone is only one step away from users here. However, with smuggled iPhones popular in China while iPhone is getting a cold shoulder in Japan, what conditions China Unicom will accept from Apple may stir up a sensation. China Mobile and Hong Kong CSL have not been willing so far to accept what they term iPhone's arbitrary conditions. Operators have developed a love-hate relationship towards iPhone and Apple.
April 3rd,2009
China Set to Subsidize Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
China may soon launch a national subsidy plan for new energy cars to promote development of the domestic new energy car industry. Vice-Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei says China is seriously considering granting subsidies to new energy car buyers, to be paid by the central government. This would be a long-term policy.
March 13rd,2009
China and South Korea Team up to Further Develop New 3G Technologies
With the restructuring of the Chinese telecom industry and the coming Olympics as a backdrop, Datang Telecom Technology & Industry Group (Datang Telecom) will be deepening its cooperation with Korea based SK Telecom on TD-SCDMA technology and jointly introduce this Chinese developed third-generation telecom technology to the world
May 29th,2008
Chinese Blackberry Customers' Long Wait for Personal Service
Although China Mobile is being officially supplied with Blackberry cell phones by TCL Communication Equipment, personal users in China will have to wait a year, maybe two, to enjoy the service.
May 14th,2008
Shanghai Set to Become China's First "Wireless City"
With plans to extend wireless Internet coverage citywide before the 2010 World Expo, Shanghai is set to become China's first "wireless city".
March 11st,2008
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