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Lenovo Restrategizing After Huge Loss
The future of Lenovo has been questioned, with decreasing profits in the PC industry. Liu acknowledged that the industry has no prospects.
May 25th,2009
Baidu Stumbles Again: Sales Staff on Strike
Baidu cut basic salary for a sales representative, originally about 4000 yuan or $590 per month, by about 30% on May 1, and at the same time lifted sales targets, threatening to dismiss those who do not reach their targets.
May 19th,2009
Microsoft and Alibaba in Talks Again: for Future After Yahoo?
According to the agreement between Yahoo and Alibaba, if Yahoo is acquired by another company, Alibaba has the right to buy back Yahoo's stake in the company.
May 19th,2009
China Mobile's OPhone Launched Soon, Targeting iPhone
OPhone mainly supports TD-SCDMA network, but can also support GSM network and LTE-based 4G network.
May 12nd,2009
Huawei's Great Leap in India.
If Huawei's growth remains unchanged this year, it will become the second largest telecom equipment provider in the world, only next to Ericsson.
May 12nd,2009
A Million "Illegal" iPhones in China
Compared with the popularity in China, iPhone sales in North America were exceeded by RIM's BlackBerry for the first time.
May 10th,2009
Baidu and Google Compete for Dominance in Wireless Search
Li Yinan, China's legendary chief technology officer, who helped Ren Zhengfei lead Huawei to become a world telecom giant, is the man who is the driving force behind what is happening now.
May 6th,2009
Foxconn's Kuo Assaults BYD, Buffet's Investment
Wang Chuanfu still has a long way to go before BYD will be able to catch Foxconn in the IT area, and Foxconn is growing rapidly.
May 5th,2009
China Set to Lead in "New Energy" Car Production
The government now seems to be deciding whether to achieve technical breakthroughs first or rather cultivate the market.
May 4th,2009
Huawei and ZTE Moving Up the Global Scales. Ericsson Next?
And due to the steady competitive decline of Nokia-Siemens and Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson is gradually becoming the only key rival of Huawei and ZTE.
May 2nd,2009
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