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China Battery Industry Patent Victory Opens a Big Door
A sector of China’ manufacturing has broken through a strong defensive line of its European and American competitors: patent protection.
July 27th,2009
A Suicide, and Heavy Competition, in the iPhone Business
Pressure in the high-end cell phone manufacturing business in China has never been higher, and it has now led to a death.
July 23rd,2009
iPhone Tested, Expected to Debut in China As Early As September
Foxconn's factory in Shenzhen has begun to produce a 3G iPhone specially designed for China Unicom.
July 18th,2009
Apple's Slow Boat to China Gains Speed as iPhone Gains Block-Buster Consumer Acceptance
Eventually, the momentum of robust sales should push a China telecom into the arms of Apple.
China Unicom,iPhone,Apple June 23rd,2009
Who Profits from Google's Misfortune?
China's net is rife with conspiracy suspicions but as yet there has been no confirmation of any of them.
June 21st,2009
Shanda Wins Control of Hurray!, Eyes 3G Business, Music, and Online Literature
Shanda is seeking to dominate China's online literature resources, for they can be the source of games and wireless services, even TV series and movies.
June 10th,2009
Obama's Green Dream Team Faces China's Lead Climate Negotiator
"China cannot avoid an overall cap on carbon emissions indefinitely, but it is not in a position realistically to accept a cap at Copenhagen,"
June 5th,2009
Beijing's Copenhagen Strategy--"Developing Countries, Unite!"
After the meeting in Bali, developed countries reneged on their commitments to deep emissions cuts and funding and technology transference to developing countries, and are now trying to set quantitative goals for developing countries. Beijing thinks developing countries should resist, jointly pressuring developed countries.
May 25th,2009
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