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BlackBerry has China's Three Telecoms Giants Drooling
Canada's RIM (Research in Motion) and Digital China have signed an agreement that allows the latter to distribute BlackBerry smartphones in China, officially launching BlackBerry in the domestic individual consumer market and finally fixing a situation for the last three years where only a handful of enterprise customers and smuggled phones could enter the market.
BlackBerry;smartphone;Digital China December 8th,2009
Porn Crackdown Sees China Mobile Suspend WAP Services: 10 Million Yuan Loss a Day
In order to fully disassociate itself from cell phone pornographic websites, China Mobile has announced it will suspend charges from its business partners, such as for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol, providing Internet content and value-added services to mobile terminals), and undertake a comprehensive clearing. This is the second clearance of China Mobile since the "second confirmation" of the SP policy issued in 2006.
December 2nd,2009
Pre-Copenhagen, China Promises 40% Emission Intensity Cut: A Mission Impossible?
China's commiement will slow but will not stop the increase of eimssion. The emission intensity cut is different from the emission cut in volume terms. Even if China achieves the 40% emission intensity cut in 2010, its carbon dioxide emission volume will increase or even double since, given the current economic growth rate and model, its GDP size will triple or even quadruple in 2020.
emission,Copenhagen,China emission November 29th,2009
Multinationals Trying to Stem Expansion by China's Shanzhai Cell Phone Makers
In traditional Chinese, "shanzhai" also has the connotation of challenging authority in unorthodox ways, meaning here that the local producers use their ways to undermine market domination by the big multinationals.
November 12nd,2009
Grilled by iPhone's Shining China Launch, BlackBerry Eager to Partner Up with ChinaTelecom
ChinaTelecom needs an end product with global influence to promote its new 3G communication services, while Blackberry can increase channels to develop company and individual users.
November 2nd,2009
Li Kaifu Leaving Google to Start His Own Company
The short service and resignation of two of Google China's leaders and then the loss of the third is thought-provoking.
September 7th,2009
Lenovo Copies its Domestic Strategy Overseas, with Some Success
Four years after acquiring IBM's PC business, has Lenovo become more international or more domestic?
August 7th,2009
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