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Beijing Issues Real Estate Rescue, but Doubts Remain
Persistent lobbying from local governments, and big real estate developers, importantly coupled with even more persistent worry over a slowing of domestic economic growth, has pushed the central government to the point where it has decided to launch a program to prop up the real estate market.
October 23rd,2008
Trillion Yuan Affordable Housing Program Simmering in Beijing
With the government's attention presently focused on a variety of possible economic stimulation programs, one proposal that is again being looked at is a one trillion yuan plan for the construction of "affordable housing," i.e. new housing for those many millions of citizens who cannot afford to jump into China's turbulent commercial housing market.
October 23rd,2008
Beijing Joins with Local Measures to Prop Up Real Estate
To ease the slowing of its economy, the Chinese government is counting on domestic consumption to offset the decline of exports. And when dealing with domestic consumption, the slumping housing market pops right up at the top of Beijing's agenda.
October 19th,2008
Beijing Housing Market at Three-Year Low as Developers Offer Seasonal Discounts
In this first month after the Olympic Games, "Golden September" is not golden for Beijing's real estate market, and "Silver October" prospects appear more and more tarnished.
October 4th,2008
October May Be Decisive For China's Real Estate Industry
The looming National Day holiday in October may be crucial for China's real estate market. In an attempt to kick-start stagnating real estate sales, major cities will be holding real estate expos during the holiday, and buyers will be watching for future price signals.
September 30th,2008
Chinese Local Governments Set Out to "Save" the Housing Market
As the central government is so far refusing to loosen regulatory policies on a real estate market in turmoil, local governments are getting involved themselves, some even seeking to attract consumers by reducing related taxes. But potential home buyers are still watching and waiting, and the trading volumes continue their descent. Real estate developers may at last be coming to realize that they can sell houses only if they climb down from the fabulous prices they have gotten used to.
September 9th,2008
China's Real Estate Developers Waiting on Dangerous Times
This month, China's leading real estate developers will bring to market a fresh supply of new housing. In previous years, this would find home buyers out in force, snapping up properties no matter what the price. But this year it will come as a severe test as the housing market continues to decline and sales of new homes have become extremely difficult.
September 8th,2008
To Rescue or Not to Rescue: Economists Debate Slumping House Market
It seems that bad things come in threes. China's A-share market has dropped to well under 2500 points from a high of 6100 points less than a year ago. Its manufacturers for export are facing troubled times, with higher material and labor costs and depressed overseas markets. And now, China's real estate industry is also heading for a deep adjustment. How to eliminate the bubbles and avoid serious side effects to the economy at the same time has China's decision makers and economists going around and around.
September 6th,2008
Chinese Developers Lobby the Government to "Save the Housing Market"
As the amount of real estate sales fall, and the real estate market faces the possibility of a deep adjustment, Chinese developers are trying to persuade the government to loosen macro controls surrounding real estate.
July 19th,2008
Shanghai Cannot Avoid Housing-Price Slump
Continuing tight credit and listless purchasing have taken Shanghai's real estate market lower this last half a year. It is possible that the sluggish market will continue for months.
July 6th,2008
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