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PetroChina-Led Refinancing to Put Great Pressure on A-share Market
Now additional-offering plans of nearly 200 companies are in the works. If all these plans go through, the total scale of refinancing will exceed 600 billion yuan, putting enormous pressure on China's stock markets.
May 8th,2009
Former MS Banker Insider Trading Case Shows Crackdown in Hong Kong
Scrutiny is now being extended beyond the illegal doings of corporate executives to that of financial advisory professionals, including those who serve at large investment banks.
May 6th,2009
Capital Account Deficit Shows China's Investing Overseas Amid Financial Crisis
China's capital and current account surpluses, a fixture for the last ten years, reversed in the second half of 2008 when China's deficit under capital and financial account reached $53 billion.
May 4th,2009
China's Long-Term Gold Reserve Increase Strategy Surprises Markets
The People's Bank of China (PBoC), China's central bank, has bought gold on the domestic market with RMB instead of on the world market with its foreign exchange reserve.
April 27th,2009
CIC's Head Thanks Western Protectionism for Preventing Investment Losses
Lou Jiwei, chairman and CEO of CIC, disclosed that, "Europe is more welcoming of investment now and is loosening conditions, and we are considering investment because we are finding a lot of opportunities."
April 20th,2009
Did David X. Li Lay Wall Street to Waste?
David Li only opened the last bottle of champagne for crazy Wall Street. In fact, there was no problem with the champagne, but for Wall Street it was one too many.
April 16th,2009
Good News, Cash Boosting A-Shares, Prompting Bubble Concerns
With support from the government's economic stimulus and ample liquidity, short-term valuations still have room to move up.
April 14th,2009
Gold Speculators Itching to Jump on Any China "Dollar Bust" Policy
Why is the market hyping gold? Malicious inflation, steep USD depreciation, the collapse of the global monetary system, conflicts between China and US due to the depreciation of China's forex reserve, China's selling of USD and purchases of gold, the only choice for the country at the moment-all can be reasons.
April 8th,2009
A-Share Market: QFIIs Net Selling, Individual Investor Trading Dwarfs the Big Guys
China's A-share market is seeing its largest rebound since it turned bearish well over a year ago, this year's first two months having seen the SSE Component Index rise by a surprising 17.31%. It had been expected that Qualified Foreign Institution Investors (QFIIs) would lead this round's bounce, but according to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's latest figures, QFIIs in fact net sold their shares in January and February.
April 2nd,2009
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