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Rising A-Share Stocks Signal Early Emerging Market Recovery
The impressive rise of China's stock market is connected to the flow back of global funds from dollar assets to emerging markets.
July 3rd,2009
Reignite the IPO Market for Chinese Firms.
The Chinese Initial Public Offering (IPO) market has revived after a long hibernation caused by the financial crisis, declining markets worldwide, and restrictions from regulators. All these forces crushed the IPO market. But a revival is now seen in New York, China, and London.
June 29th,2009
Top Ten Stocks Bet on Underrated Chinese Consumers
China Region Fund has its top 10 equity holdings in Ping An Insurance, China Overseas Land & Investment, Anhui Conch Cement, Tencent Holdings, Zhaojin Mining Industry, China Merchants Bank, Hengan International Group, CNOOC, China Communications Construction and China Dongxiang Group.
June 27th,2009
Lunch with Buffet, with A $2.1 Million Tab
Today Warren Buffet, whom the Chinese dub the "god of the stock market," will lunch with Zhao Danyang, known as the "godfather of China's private funds."
June 24th,2009
Soros Long on China's Unlisted Companies
George Soros consistently praised the regulation of the Chinese government and promoted opportunities during his recent visit to China. People can't help questioning why he has changed form "Mr. Short" to "Mr. Long".
June 23rd,2009
National Pension A-share Holding Policy Hopes to Stabilize the Market
And investors also hope the policy will help offset the downward pressure posed by the end of the moratorium of Initial Public Offering.
June 22nd,2009
Bubble Concerns Spur New Energy A-Share Stocks Sell-Off
Institutional investors and senior managers of listed new energy companies are cutting their share holding in these firms.
June 21st,2009
"Hot Money" at the Gates of China's Market
Under the influence of hot money, the Hang Seng is likely to go above 20,000 point. However, uncertainty over the flow of hot money is causing alarm among some observers. Once flows abate, Hong Kong stocks may face a serious downturn.
June 8th,2009
CIC to Buy Morgan Stanley Shares,Showing Signs of Returning Wall Street
After suffering huge book losses caused by the financial crisis and being criticized by the public, Chinese SWFs and state-owned financial institutions are again finding interest in investing in Wall Street.
June 4th,2009
CSRC, Market Nervous, But New IPOs Are Coming
It has not yet been decided exactly when to restart IPOs as this will depend on the state of the stock markets. If a large slump were to occur, IPOs might well be again suspended with no time limit.
May 25th,2009
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