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CIC Weathers Storm, Is Ready to Invest Globally
Prudence saved CIC in its overseas investment. At the end of 2008, 87.4% of its global investment portfolio was in cash and cash products, and its investment loss was $6.516 billion while exchange rate losses totaled $167 million.
August 11st,2009
Shanghai Plans International A-share Board, and Is Attracting Big Fish
Quite a few multinational companies are eager to list on the A-share market, including HSBC, which reportedly plans to raise $3 billion to $5 billion from its listing.
August 6th,2009
Duoyuan Global Water's Shares Explode in the U.S.
The water stimulus program is expected to last 3 years.
August 4th,2009
CIC Swims Against the Tide
CIC's move is surprising because it stands in stark contrast to the actions of other sovereign wealth funds, and to those of other Chinese firms making investments abroad.
August 2nd,2009
U.S.-China Climate Cooperation Bullish New Energy Stocks?
One driving force behind the rally of SunTech Power is the perceived notion that China and the U.S. will find away to agree on carbon emissions.
July 31st,2009
A-Share Index Plummets, the PBoC Consoles, and Investors' Animal Spirits Not Shaken
Analysts believe macroeconomic policy will see no big change, and yesterday's decline was merely a "normal technical adjustment."
July 30th,2009
Big (Borrowed?) Money Sends New Stock Issues Soaring
A lot of the money now seeking such investment opportunities is originating in the half year-plus stimulus lending orgy, boosting a new round of boom on China's stock markets.
July 28th,2009
Mengniu Sells Shares to State Sector For Cash,Support
The deal gives COFCO access into the liquid milk industry and allows Mengniu to strengthen its straitened cash balance and seek support from the government.
Mengniu;COFCO,Hopu,milk industry,china July 7th,2009
New Foreign Private Equity Demand for Chinese Companies
What is significant is that the world's supposedly largest private equity firm believes that the US$ 1 billion subscription supports improving investor sentiment towards China.
July 4th,2009
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