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Jim Rogers: Wait and See Investment in A-shares, Big City Real Estate
Rogers noted that although China's economy is improving, market risk is brewing, and he predicted the Hong Kong market could have problems in the next few months, which will affect the domestic market. Rogers believes that the current autumn round is perhaps the shift from bear to bull market, and investors should be patient and wait for opportunities to buy rather than rush into the market.
September 11st,2009
Shanghai Aggressively Pushing for the Foreign Company Listing on A-Share Market
The Shanghai government is vigorously promoting its new international board on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which will be launched in the first half of next year, allowing foreign-invested enterprises to list in China.
A-share market, international board September 10th,2009
China Expands Investment in South Africa and the Whole Continent
Although trade has declined between China and Africa in the global slowdown, China still sees this as a good time to expand investment in Africa. With the help of the China-Africa Development Fund (CADF), China's large state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are entering the field of industrial infrastructure in South Africa.
China expands, investment south africa September 7th,2009
Warren Buffet's 500% Return from BYD: The Show Just Begun?
"MidAmerican Energy has been looking to add to its BYD shares, optimistic as it is about BYD's prospects in the development of new energy, and we are now considering this issue," says Wang Chuanfu, founder and chairman of BYD.
September 1st,2009
As Bank Credit Ebbs, Is the Stock Market Bull Doomed?
With the gradual reduction of the stimulus policies and the increasingly serious threat to the sustainability of economic recovery from the vast production surpluses they brought on, the stock market may well "correct" downward even further if the bank lending continues to ebb.
August 28th,2009
Before the Launch of Growth Enterprises Market, Foreign PE Elbows into China
Foreign venture capital is still groping to understand how to operate a RMB fund in China.
August 26th,2009
China's Opaque US Treasury Portfolio Serves for a Lousy Financial Times Analysis
Besides its central foreign exchange business center with four investment divisions in Beijing, China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange operates the SAFE Investment Company, Ltd., in Hong Kong, as well as trading rooms for direct investment in London, Singapore, and New York.
August 24th,2009
Roubini's "Phantom Recovery" and China's Market Correction
Last week's stock market correction reflected the worry of real economy recovery deep in investors mind.
August 15th,2009
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