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Following Abu Dhabi's Suit Against Citi, Will CIC Also Sue?
CIC;Abu Dhabi;Citi;sovereign wealth fund December 19th,2009
CIC Bets on Solar, New Energy as Inflation Hedge
CIC's move in the energy field marks its second this month after investing $1.58 billion in AES Corporation, an electricity generator, on November 6.
November 20th,2009
ChiNext's Dazzling Debut
As the marekt closed, all of 28 stocks trading more than doubled, ranging from 120% to 226% compared with their IPO prices.
October 31st,2009
USD Rebound Plays Havoc with A-Shares
The connection between China's A-share market and the global financial markets has never been so close as it is now. Both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets plunged twice recently, due largely to the rebound of the US dollar exchange rate.
October 31st,2009
CIC Adjusts Its Global Investment Portfolio to Commodities, Real Estates over Inflation Fears
Since July, CIC has announced four overseas investments in energy and mining companies, attracting worldwide attention. It is reported that CIC's investment style has gone through rapid changes, shifting from financial products to direct investment in producers of commodities.
October 29th,2009
AUD Appreciation Boosts Chinese Companies Investing in Aussie Assets
Close to 50% rise of the AUD against the US dollar has directly benefited about 30 Chinese companies.
October 22nd,2009
Innovation, Tech-driven Companies Are Market High Points
The extensive use of new technologies is bringing breakthrough growth and development in major pillar industries, among which the internet, aerospace/military, low-carbon environment, and railway construction are leading the way.
October 15th,2009
Mundell: Dollar Will Rebound and China Bought $24.1 Billion Treasury Bills
Gold price rises will facilitate economic recovery in the US and end this round of USD depreciation, while China shows confidence in the US economy and the dollar.
September 18th,2009
CIC Adding Overseas Resource Assets to Its Portfolio
Jesse Wang, CIC vice-president and chief risk officer, says CIC's mode is in financial investment. Any assets in any class, industry, or region may have investment potential if they are undervalued, or holdings may be reduced or sold if they are overvalued.
September 16th,2009
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