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US Sneezes. Shanghai Is Catching a Cold
The lovely illusion that China's economy is somehow distanced from a downturn in the American economy and a troubled world economic situation is fading like new investors for sub-prime assets.
January 22nd,2008
Sub-prime Strikes, Market Jitters
Answers to questions about if, when and how the US subprime crisis will hit the Chinese economy are flooding in with a sea of bad news hitting China's markets. A panic on Monday's A-share market following a week of US market stumbling is demonstrating that China's economy and market are not as disconnected from US troubles as many might have hoped.
January 21st,2008
PBoC Gold Reserve Increase?
A rising voice is telling China's central bank, the People's Bank of China (PBoC), it's time to increase its gold reserve, a point of view that has gained recent support as the international gold price has gone beyond $900 per ounce. PBoC is turning a deaf ear.
January 17th,2008
China Rethinking Overseas Investment Amid Deepening Sub-prime Woe
The Chinese government did not approve the proposal by China Development Bank (CDB) to participate in Citigroup's equity. In fact, the decision-making circle in Beijing is rethinking the strategy they took on recent overseas investments.
January 16th,2008
Surprise: No CDB Funds for Citi
China Development Bank's plan to inject US$2 billion into troubled US giant Cititbank has been rejected by the State Council, the cabinet of Chinese government.
January 15th,2008
Financial Regulatory Reform Spurred by Subprime Crisis
Chinese financial supervisors are busy learning a lesson from America's subprime mortgage crisis as they realize that increasingly open financial markets and a proliferation of complicated trading products bring new challenges to their work.
January 14th,2008
Reports Bring the Bull Running Back to A-Shares
The Mainland stock market has now entered the busy advance notice period for 2007 earnings announcements. Excellent performances have brought A-shares out from the deep market adjustment of October 2007 and may well push the major stock indexes to a new high.
from fast bull to slow bull January 11st,2008
China's Gold Futures Sparking
The official debut of China's gold futures ignited the new frenzy of speculation that may stir up international gold price.
January 10th,2008
Chinese SWF: We Behave Better Than Hedge Funds
With the holiday season over now, those countries who, acting like Santa Claus, used their sovereign wealth funds (SWF) to extend the lifeline of hard hit banks and other financial institutions on Wall Street need to rethink their image if they intend to buy more.
sovereign wealth funds January 9th,2008
Beijing Duck Takes Flight
China is entering its Olympics year, and the excitement that is bringing to its citizens is rubbing off on the stocks of a number of companies seen to be connected with the games, boosting prices but also increasing investor risks.
stocks on Olympics play January 4th,2008
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