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What the US Does (n't) Allow China to Buy?
When Chinese enterprises, with a large piles of fresh-off-the-US-presses US dollars, seek to enter the US economy, they have found repeatedly that while they are most welcome to lavish money on America in the form of debt, their attempts to purchase American companies are often met with hostility.
February 26th,2008
Chinese Shining With Enthusiasm for Gold
The spot gold price at the London Gold Exchange reached $950/oz on Thursday; and it is very likely to hit the psychologically important $1000/oz barrier in the near future. The Chinese marketplace has attracted a lot of attraction as China's increasing gold demand is said to be an important factor in the recent rise in the price of the commodity.
February 22nd,2008
Refinance Issuing Hits the Wall in Shanghai
Within the past month, 23 companies have introduced refinancing proposals through new issues of stock, attempting to extract RMB204.3 billion from China's A-share market. The market has been in a slump since the beginning of the year. This issue of additional financial stocks grabs the attention, and not only for its size. Earlier this year a plan by PingAn, China's second largest insurance company, to issue an additional 1.2 billion A-shares triggered an earthquake in the market.
February 21st,2008
China's Stock Market May Set Green Threshold and Force Disclosure
While China's economy is usually associated with red hot growth, environmental concerns risk halting it to a cool green. In fact, China's environmental problems are so serious that the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA) are considering a new proposal that would require listed companies to disclose their environmental protection activities; they may even set an environmental threshold for these companies in the view of creating a "green securities market".
February 21st,2008
Sovereign Wealth Funds and US Financial Market Circles
This data was to show you the relative strength of investments of foreign governments. They have the potential of buying a huge portion of our largest companies.
February 12nd,2008
Shanghai Market Soars above the Worst Week
Freezing weather, inflation, power and water supply failures, and a worst week of stock slump in a decade. Whilst all these things are believed to be accompanying tens of millions of Chinese families during the Lunar New Year, China's A-share market surged by 8.13%, i.e. 351.4 points to 4672.17 points of Shanghai Composite Index.
February 4th,2008
Two Black Mondays Trigger Bull or Bear Debate
The deepening of the sub-prime crisis has lead to a global stock crash and a re-evaluation of China's A-shares. Notably, with the global market turning bearish, this kind of re-evaluation is spreading from Hong Kong to mainland China and affecting A-shares.
January 30th,2008
Shanghai Market Crash: PingAn Is Not Safe
PingAn, China's second largest insurance company, has been much reproached for its huge refinancing resolution. Chinese investors believe that the company, based in Shenzhen, "maliciously" raised a huge amount of funds from the market for its overseas purchases.
January 28th,2008
Soc Gen Scandal Illustrates Perils for China
Societe Generale Group, a French banking giant, suffered a Euro 4.9 billion ($7.1 billion) loss when its trader in Paris made fraudulent trades on stock index futures over 2007 and 2008. Added to the deepening sub-prime crisis, the scandal reminds Chinese financial system overseers of further worries about internal control and risk management mechanisms in their own banks. With stock index futures trading waiting to be launched, China is pulling caution over its head like a winter blanket.
the upcoming stock index future January 25th,2008
Shanghai to Set Yuan Asset Pricing Benchmark
Besides expectations of appreciation, yuan assets are becoming more popular among global investors because the pricing for yuan assets is also being marketized, relieving worries of currency price controls.
Shibor and Libor January 24th,2008
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