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Chinese Banks' Investments to Cover US Stock Market Soon
After already allowing Chinese investors access to the Japanese stock market, Chinese supervisors are now paving the way to the US for the Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) products of China's commercial banks.
March 22nd,2008
New Accounting Standards Lift A-share Performance
To say that profits of China's listed companies are apparently growing at an impressive clip, faster in 2007, even, than in 2006, is like saying the sun shines in the Sahara. This is massive. But it's not merely a matter of sales success in the market or a phenomenon of the factory floor. Besides China's continuously growing economy, increasing operating income and exchange gains led by RMB appreciation, the newly issued China Accounting Standards (CAS) are somehow contributing to many a listed company balance sheet.
March 21st,2008
Bear Stearns Pitfall Not to Deter Citic's Overseas Expansion
Citic, China's largest brokerage firm,will continue to keep a close eye on the Wall Street to seize any fire sale purchasing opportunity after it avoided a major pitfall by dropping the Bear Stearns deal at the last moment.
March 19th,2008
China's Pension Reform Can Save A-Share Market
Short-term policies will not and cannot change the speculative nature of the Chinese stock exchange; accelerating the pension reform and allowing pension money to flow into the market appears to be the best solution at this time.
March 19th,2008
Crisis and Opportunity in CIC's "Fire Sale" Acquisitions
China's companies are working hard to build financial muscle by expanding abroad. Success brings flowers and the pop of fine champagne. But it can also bring pain and exposure to risk and downturn.
March 17th,2008
China Wants to Help Draft the SWF Investment Rules
China has expressed its willingness to join the EU and the IMF in current negotiations aimed at drafting investment rules for sovereign wealth funds (SWF).
March 13rd,2008
A-Share Bear Threat Prompts Government Intervention Debate
China's stock market bear is rousing out of his long hibernation, awakened mostly by expectations of tightening policies ahead. Investor confidence has fallen to its lowest point two years. Whispers about government intervention are turning into chants.
March 13rd,2008
China to Ease Controls on Residents' Foreign Investment
An excess of liquidity, capital surpluses creating froth in domestic markets, is pushing China's resolution to encourage companies and individuals to invest overseas.
March 7th,2008
A-share Listing Will Open to Foreign Companies
Foreign companies are set to gain greater access to China's domestic A-share market, a top securities regulator said Thursday. Yao Gang, newly appointed vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at his public debut that the commission is seriously studying the issue of allowing foreign companies to list in China.
February 29th,2008
Refinance Share Issuance: the Straw that Breaks the Bull's Back?
The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) is adding to the panic pervading China's stock market, as its approval process on the refinance issuing plans of listed companies is believed to be "untransparent". Since October last year, the Shanghai Composite Index has dropped by nearly 2000 points, or 30%. With the subprime stench still hanging in the air, the recent news of further issues is not inspiring confidence. The bull market, which has lasted over two years, may be turning bearish.
February 27th,2008
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