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Talent Shortage Bottlenecks China's Financial Openness
An extreme shortage in China of financial talent has become a huge bottleneck, directly and negatively affecting its overseas capital investment, its effort to build Shanghai into an international financial center, its ability in financial innovation, and its supervision over the increasingly complicated, globalized and highly risky financial industry.
May 9th,2008
Sinosteel Looks to List in Shanhai, HK
Sinosteel, China's biggest steel merchant, is planning to launch on the A shares market this year, and will seek opportunity to list on Hong Kong's H share market as well, revealed Sinosteel President Huang Tianwen in an interview with China Business News. After that, Sinosteel will increase its efforts in resources exploration to make a complete industrial chain for steel enterprises.
May 9th,2008
Life Insurance Company to Acquire Shares in Legend Holdings
The two sides have reached a preliminary agreement. However, the precise proportion of Legend Holdings that Tai Kang (the deals potential partner) would acquire is still unknown, and the plan still has to be approved by the related departments.
May 9th,2008
A-share Market Tumbles and China Life Profit Falls
The stamp tax cut stimulated the stock market for a short while, but not for long. Trade permission for non-tradable shares of blue chips and the unsatisfactory performance of these companies during the first quarter of 2008 has created another "black Monday" for the A-share market. Today the Shanghai Composite Index dropped by 83.03 points, or 2.33% to 3474.72 points.
April 28th,2008
Wang Qishang's Decisive Steps Spur Shanghai Rebound
New Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan, in charge of financial and economic policies, is polishing a reputation gained through long years serving in the breech. Investors and market analysts are applauding moves made under his leadership.
April 24th,2008
A-share Alchemy Exposes the Bubble of "Made in China"
The recent and continuing decline of China's A-share market, so far by almost 50%, from 6124 points half a year ago to the current 3100 points, has not only saddled investors with huge losses, but also exposed holes in China's industrial sector. Manufacturers who had nicely padded their profit reports with rich returns from securities investments in 2006 and 2007 have now seen share prices plunge through the floor, taking their profits with them. The situation cannot but remind analysts of the lead up to Japan's bubble economy in 1980s.
April 22nd,2008
Continuous Market Panic May Trouble China's Real Economy
PetroChina's shares have sunk below their IPO price, putting a dent in market confidence. A large sell-off has pulled the Shanghai Composite Index down through the 3100 points barrier to 3094.67 points, a drop of 128.07 points, or almost 4%. China's A-share market has slumped by nearly 50% from its peak of 6124.04 points in October 2007, with the psychological barrier of 3000 points next to be tested.
April 18th,2008
Chinese Developers Feeling the Tight Money Squeeze
Tight monetary policies are putting the squeeze on China's real estate developers and support from big investors is running out like the tide. Listed developers are seeing share prices plunge while the unlisted are watching their IPO hopes sail out beyond the horizon.
April 16th,2008
China's SWF Investments a Gold-Rush Opportunity for British Asset Managers
As the US, IMF and European Union are busy brainstorming a code of investment imposed on looming sovereign wealth funds, including China Investment Corporate (CIC), and CIC has been busy criticizing the code " stupid", UK is the only major western country that is wooing funds from China's ever piling foreign exchange reserves.
April 14th,2008
Chinese Investors Ready to Buy US Shares Through QDII
The Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII) scheme has allowed Chinese institutional and individual investors to invest in the US market through Chinese commercial banks. Although the A-share market's collapse during the first quarter of this year have shown the value of the US market in terms of dispersing risks, Chinese investors worried about the subprime crisis have been very cautious.
April 8th,2008
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