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Dollar Lending Jumps on Tightening RMB Credit and Appreciation Expectations
With RMB loans tightening, foreign currency loans are surging. As the foreign currency credit is not included in RMB lending scale control, they have become a new financing channel. ...
October 28th,2009
Lending Exuberance Continues into September, More Deposits Flow into the Stock Market
After monetary policy got a bit of tuning in July, lending in August resumed its exuberant ways and is expected to grow even more rapidly in September. Punitive measures by the central bank to mop up hundreds of billions from commercial banks to stanch the liquidity flow do not look to be effective.
September 15th,2009
EFG International Selects FRSGlobal's RegPro for Multi-country Regulatory Reporting
FRSGlobal, the only global provider of risk and regulatory compliance solutions on a unified platform with coverage for over 40 countries, today announced that global private banking group, EFG International has selected FRSGlobal's regulatory reporting tool, RegPro for regulatory reporting in its France, Spain, Luxembourg, Monaco, Hong Kong and Singapore branches.
regulatory compliance,FRSGlobal's RegPro September 7th,2009
China's Fat Banking Years Are Fading, And Risks Are Rising
Regulator's statistics show that in less than a year and a half, the debt of the government financing platform has increased by 3.5 trillion yuan, of which nearly 85% comes from bank loans. Analysts worry that banks' credit risks are supported by the state, and many projects relying on their own cash flow are unable to repay without that state support.
September 5th,2009
China's Big Banks to Curtail Second Half Lending
The Bank of China was punished by the central bank for having issued as much as 901 billion yuan in loans.
July 29th,2009
China's Banks Riding High in the World Ratings
Now it seems top bankers are a more homogenous group, and many will be speaking Chinese or Spanish, with a fair amount of English thrown in, and just a soupcon of Japanese.
July 20th,2009
China's Lavish Lending to Last, at Least for Now
On the same day China's central bank, the People's Bank of China (PBoC), declared it would continue a loose monetary policy, 10 Chinese banks signed a syndicated loan contract for 18 projects totaling 176.2 billion yuan, China's largest syndicated loan in the history of its banking industry.
June 26th,2009
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