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Banking: Lots of Yellow Lights
Are the fat years China's big banks have been enjoying in the early part of this century set to continue? The outlook is not the rosiest, and "caution" is set to become the watchword for the industry.
January 22nd,2008
How Sovereign Wealth Rocks the China-US Banking Power Equation
How was the financial transfer of power incubated? Many argue that the phenomenon was caused by the excessively expansionary monetary policies of Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of Federal Reserve. However, looking at the situation from the perspective of the Chinese and American banking industries and the radical changes they made during recent years, a clearer view of the whole picture unravels.
January 18th,2008
PBoC's Two New Vice-Governors
Two new vice-governors has been appointed at the People's Bank of China, China's central bank. And one of them could be in charge of the all important monetary policy.
personnel shift at the central bank January 3rd,2008
China Development Bank Begins Metamorphosis
And the last, as well as the biggest, absorber of capital will be the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC). It is estimated that CIC could have committed as much as $60-70 billion to CDB together with ABC. ABC can expect an infusion of up to $ 50 billion.
fresh lifeblood to state-owned banks January 2nd,2008
The Last Bank Standing
The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) will be the focus of attention in what may be the last stage of China's state-owned commercial banks reform. CDB together with ABC is expected to receive USD 60-70 billion in capital injections.
reform of the Agricultural Bank of China December 27th,2007
HSBC's Countryroad
Giant western banks find the sunny landscape of hope in China's "socialist new countryside", when they are hit hard by the sub-prime crisis in Wall Streets and the City.
rural banking December 14th,2007
Excess and Crunch
With loans bending towards personal consumption and investment demand, China's banking is enthusiastically embracing retail business.
Personal loan vs.corporate loan December 6th,2007
New Lifeblood into CEB
Central Huijin Investment (CHI), a subsidiary of China Investment Corporation (CIC), has injected enough capital into China Everbright Bank(CEB), another state-owned commercial bank, and now controls 70% of the total stake.
recapitalizition December 5th,2007
Moving out Meets Challenges
In the upcoming strategic economic talks, China will urge the US to further open its banking market to Chinese banks tit for tat while dealing with a request for China to open its own financial market to US banks.
overseas hunting November 28th,2007
Giant Strides Must be Made
2007 has seen the rise of continuing stride in the move towards universal operation and encouragement in cooperation
universal banking November 27th,2007
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