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Nuclear Energy is No Solution
When Shanghai has only three to four days of coal reserves for fuel, and fourteen provinces of China are suffering partial electricity cuts, it is time to ask what has happened.
energy shortage blizzard in China January 27th,2008
Power Outage Spreads to Central China
An electric power supply shortage has spread from southern China to the middle of the country, and heavy snows have aggravated the crisis, which is due mostly to a coal shortage.
coal supply shortage January 23rd,2008
Southern China Edging a Power Crisis
The Chinese government's recent efforts to achieve energy savings and pollution reduction,along with the rising price of crude oil and a rigid energy supervision regime, is greatly affecting China's supply of electricity. Currently, the China Southern Power Grid (CSPG) is facing a supply crisis.
China's coal shortage January 16th,2008
Oil Price Hinders China's Plan for Emissions Reduction
The higher the oil price the greater the need for China to secure and stabilize its energy supply, therefore making the country more dependent on a steady coal supply. While the hundred dollar barrel of oil seems to have a limited impact on China, what needs to be considered immediately is the impact the higher price will have on China's emission reduction plan.
January 10th,2008
What does China have to do with $100 oil?
A careful analysis suggests that Krugman either deliberately exaggerates China's impact on oil prices or unfortunately leaves out other important contributing factors.
the era of $100 oil January 8th,2008
Ending Oil Subsidies Serves China's Oil Security
State interventions in the forms of import or price controls constitute impediments to oil security. The oil market, if left unencumbered, can establish an equilibrium between supply and demand. The NDRC and MoF need to make up their minds to adopt measures promoting a well-functioning oil market rather than to introduce more distortions by showering subsidies on Sinopec and CNPC.
oil market and security December 26th,2007
Energy Policy Mess
Beijing should endorse the rationale, seize the opportunity, and reinstitute the long-awaited Ministry of Energy (MoE), abolished in 1993, to prepare for daunting energy challenges facing the country in the 21st century.
Ministry of Energy November 26th,2007
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