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Chinese Oil Giants Making Their Way into Iraq
Iraq is becoming an increasingly important blot on the map for Chinese oil companies' overseas expansion. Four Chinese firms are bidding for oil fields in Iraq, offering to provide funding and technology to Iraq companies that are anxious to resume their own production.
June 26th,2009
US Special Envoy for Climate Change: The Quintessimal Optimist
While there is a long list of skeptics, one thing is clear. President Obama appears strongly committed to climate change.
June 16th,2009
Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and Tesco Lead in China's Shopping Mall Energy Efficiency
The three giants all say that despite high initial costs of energy-saving upgrades, long-term advantages and environmental friendliness have made it worthwhile.
June 9th,2009
China's Oil Future Market Stymied by PetroChina and SinoPec
The higher the international crude oil price is, the less likely China is to establish a crude oil futures market in a short period.
June 5th,2009
China's Gas Prices Up on Oil Rebound     
The future domestic oil prices will be more closely related to international one's, and the price adjustment mechanism will be more transparent.
June 1st,2009
China's "Grand Strategy" for Africa
China's grand strategy for Africa is a combination of political and economic motivations, but as Tanzania's first President, Jules Nyerere said of his China-similar collectivization of agricultural "I failed. Let's admit it."
May 27th,2009
PetroChina Issues Big Debt to Fund Domestic, Overseas Expansion
Now is a good opportunity for oversea M&A," said Mr. Jiang.
May 13rd,2009
China to Launch a 2 Trillion Yuan New Energy Investment Plan
The wind power industry looks to be the largest beneficiary of the plan.
May 7th,2009
PetroChina and KazMunaiGaz Team Up To Acquire Kazakhstan's MMG
Besides the $5 billion loan from PetroChina, the Export-Import Bank of China will also lend the company $5 billion for oil and gas development and infrastructure construction in Kazakhstan.
April 25th,2009
China and Venezuela Strengthen Oil Alliance
China and Venezuela plan to establish a joint venture crude oil exploiting company in Venezuela, with Venezuela holding a 60% stake and China the other 40%. To facilitate oil transportation, the two sides will also found a shipping company, split evenly between them.
April 9th,2009
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