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The Problem of an Ageing Population Is Here: Millions of Migrant Workers Can't Retire
Most workers migrate from poor provinces to rich ones, and as they are forced to withdraw from the pension system, they simply leave the greater part of their benefits to the rich provinces, so the system is actually exacerbating the already great gap between rich and poor provinces
October 13rd,2009
Xmas Season Orders Don't Bode Well for Chinese Exporters
The upcoming Canton Trade Fair over the second half of October will be, as always, an important platform for export enterprises, but analysts see no reason to believe the situation will improve.
October 3rd,2009
China Is Playing a Leadership Role in Reshaping the World Economy
This is perhaps inevitable as the People's Republic looks back on its development from the vantage point of its 60th anniversary. The financial crisis has revealed China's strength, which has earned it increasing prestige. With the establishment of the G20 China has taken its place among the world's nations as a leader and shaper of the future of the world's economy.
September 30th,2009
"China's Century" Hinges on Its Management of Demographic Transformation
After 2025, when China is no longer able to harvest its "demographic dividends," China's economic growth is going to have to hinge on the skill, not the size, of its population.
September 29th,2009
Usain Bolt Close to a $115 Million Sponsorship with Chinese Sports Company
Even in a world inhabited by such other-worldly talents as Tiger Woods, Kaka, and Lebron James, the unearthly pace set by Jamaica's Usain Bolt has knocked the world on its ear. And now his business interests may have a chance to do what his competitors on the track cannot, and that is, catch up.
September 25th,2009
The Failure of China's Export Tax Rebate Policy
The consequence of full refund is to aggravate economic imbalances. Low export taxes attract resources to flow into the export sector, resulting in insufficient domestic supply and high domestic prices. Domestic imbalances will lead to further external imbalances.
September 22nd,2009
Local Governments Swarming Beijing for SOE Investment
Local governments in China are finding it increasingly difficult to attract foreign investment, and with private enterprises being crowded out, they have turned their attention to the currently flush state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and are swarming into Beijing in order to connect up with them.
September 21st,2009
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