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Ashton Expected by European Businesses New Hand Dealing with China
European multi-nationals in China have been frustrated in recent years for the slow progress of market opening.
November 23rd,2009
Hu and Obama – Following the Poor Example of History
It would be a shame for the world's two greatest powers to follow the poor example of Emperor Qianlong and Lord Macartney and miss the advantages of cooperation and mutual benefit.
November 22nd,2009
Economic Directions for the Coming Year: Hard Choices for Beijing
The Central Meeting for Economic Works, an annual gathering of top Chinese leaders and economic policy makers who set guidelines for economic policy, will assess the soundness of the policy and try to define where China's economy will head in the coming year.
November 19th,2009
The Face Value of Obama's First Visit to China
It is as power to power that things get interesting, especially if China tries to use its lending leverage to pressure US spending away from things it deems to undermine its interests.
November 16th,2009
Aggressive Government Investment Increases Concerns over Bad Loans, Poor Efficiency
The current investment binge in China may be sowing the seeds of bad loans that will sprout wildly in the next couple of years. China's banking system, although not shocked directly by the financial crisis, may be dangerously exposed to the balance sheet risks caused by massive and inefficient state intervention.
November 6th,2009
Debate, Domestic and International, Rages over China's Recovery Policy, and Its Implications for 2010
Certainly debate is healthy, but uncertainties and confusion send difficult messages to sensitive markets both domestic and international.
November 2nd,2009
Swiss Export to China Jumps on Infrastructure Spree
Railways, airports, hospitals, schools-China is increasing its investments in infrastructure development sharply. Many Swiss companies are already benefiting and more can play an active role in projects related to environmental technologies. In August, Swiss exports to China went up by 19.4% year-on-year, while those to the EU declined by 13.7%
News Release October 17th,2009
RMB 4 Trillion Stimulus vs RMB 5 Trillion Debts: Looming Local Government Credit Risk Explosion
The city investment bond, also known as "quasi-municipal debt," is a kind of corporate bond and medium-term note issued publicly for local infrastructure or public projects, with the local financing platform as the main issuing body.
October 17th,2009
Trade Rebound and Expected RMB Appreciation Have Hot Money Flooding Back In
The rising recovery coupled with appreciation expectations make China once again a magnet for global funds.
October 15th,2009
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