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"Very Strong Optimism" of Swiss Companies in China
The number one concern is no longer the global economic slowdown, which ranked highest last year, but "finding and hiring suitable talent".
confidence;Swiss February 5th,2010
In China, Fast Economic Growth Does Not Equal Household Wealth
Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's annual economic growth is averaging 10%. Hard-working Chinese people have made tremendous contribution to the global economy. Their rewards, however, are not matched with their contributions.
China GDP;China Wealth January 22nd,2010
China's Lending Resurgent, but Riskier
Bank lending in China has once again started to accelerate, reaching an average daily amount of more than 100 billion yuan in the first working week in January, 2010.
bank lending; credit;tight January 13rd,2010
China's Steel Industry Is a Big Problem for Both Climate and Trade
China has overtaken the US as the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG), to which steel industry contributes no small part.
climate;steel;trade war January 4th,2010
After Statistical Adjustment, China's Growth "Appears" More "Sustainable"
After another GDP statistical adjustment by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), theories for Chinese economy based on past data, whether "unsustainable" or "collapse," may become irrelevant.
statistics;China's economy December 29th,2009
China's 30-year CPI Growth Systemically, Greatly Under-counted
If CPI systematically underestimates the decline in purchasing power, it is of significance for the judgment of national well-being. The deposit interest rate over the past 30 years has always been coupled with CPI, and savers have supposedly received interest based on the CPI growth. If the ratio of CPI to the purchasing power of money is underestimated, it means that savers have suffered an enormous loss of purchasing power.
cpi;inflation;purchasing power December 22nd,2009
At Copenhagen, China Can Be a Give-Some, Get-Some Leader or a Zero-Sum Loser
So far the conference has been playing zero sum: each country wants to get more and give less. Should there be no breakthrough, the negotiations are doomed. .
Copenhagen;emission cut;carbon dioxide December 14th,2009
Why is Dubai a Speculative Heaven for Chinese
Dubai, arguably the world's most liberal city, financially, is slowly and fitfully crawling out from its crisis, but is regaining its attractiveness to arguably the most speculative business people on earth, Wenzhou folks.
Dubai;speculation;overseas Chinese December 11st,2009
China's 2010 Monetary Policy Subject to Hot Money
Based on RMB appreciation expectations, hot money will continue its inflow in 2010. China's current exchange rate policy lacks flexibility, and capital flows can't be automatically adjusted though exchange rates.
hot money;monetary policy December 8th,2009
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