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China's FX Reserve Accumulation Slowdown in Q2 Due to Weak Euro, Hot Money Outflows
However, the official announcement by PBOC to de-peg with US dollar on June 20 may have contributed to renewed expectation of RMB appreciation, contributing to a decline in money outflow to about US$ 4.2 bn in June.
FX reserve,hot money,yuan appreciation, July 12nd,2010
Central Banking Deflowered
After the European Central Bank announced on May 9 that it would buy the government bonds of Mediterranean countries experiencing severe fiscal strains, critics complained that the Bank had "lost its virginity."
ECB,Fed July 8th,2010
Serious Rebalancing: China's Wage Hikes, RMB Appreciation, and Export Tax Rebate Cut
This time, changes in wages, exchange rates, and taxes show that the Chinese economy is undergoing a true transformation, which will also help China adjust both internal and external imbalances.
wage hikes;RMB appreciation;export tax rebate June 26th,2010
China Needs a Service-Sector Revolution
It will have to move away from a strategy in which manufactures are the engine of growth toward the model of a more mature economy, in which employment is increasingly concentrated in the service sector.
appreciation;wage increase;service-sector June 20th,2010
Roubini: RMB Appreciation the Key to Avoid a Double-Dip Global Recession
China is coming back to its good old days before the financial crisis: excessive manufacturing capacity will provide too much supply and contribute too little demand to the world economy.
renminbi, rmb,yuan, appreciation,double dip June 16th,2010
European Union Trade Policy Review of China
We should thus expect that China not only fully abides by WTO rules and observes all the commitments made in the run-up of its accession but also shoulder its responsibilities reflecting its weight as a leading trading nation.
GPA;WTO;Indigenous innovation;EU-China June 3rd,2010
China's Economy: Slowdown, but no Crisis or Collapse, Ahead
Economic rebalancing seems to be underway – it is too early to tell, but 2009 may turn out to have been turning point.
soft landing;collapse;crisis;exit June 3rd,2010
China, Largest US Creditor, Performing Due Diligence
While it continues to lend to the US, China is paying close attention to US spending and deficit reduction behavior and solvency. The Sino-US SED is a good mechanism for China to strengthen "due diligence" on the US.
S&ED;Creditor;China-US;Sino-US May 27th,2010
Europe's Historic Gamble
Greece would be booted out of the monetary union. The eurozone would be divided into a Northern European union and a Southern European union. Or the euro – and even the European Union – would disintegrate as Germany turned its back on the project.
euro;Greece;EU;bailout May 17th,2010
China Economy: From "Decoupling" to the Dark Clouds of "Double Dip"
Now, China has no room for expansion. Different from China's economic situation in 2009, the country's actual economy expansion has been very limited, whether in terms of infrastructure, industrial capacity, local governments' debt repayment ability, or ability to expand bank credit.
China economy;decouple;double dip May 10th,2010
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