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China's Investment Momentum:RMB 4 Trillion for Water Projects
Beijing could adjust the pace of FAI in water projects to smooth the pace of economic growth.
FAI;water project;China growth January 31st,2011
China's Strong Growth Momentum and Inflation Acceleration: Inadequate Upfront Tightening?
The chief risk at the current juncture is inadequate upfront tightening, which would contribute to even higher inflation and trigger a potential panic, political campaign-style tightening later, in our view.
inflation;growth;tightening January 21st,2011
Slump in Domestic New Orders and PMI Decline Respond to China's Anti-inflation Tightening
The decline was mainly driven by a slump in domestic new orders, suggesting manufacturers might become more cautious amid the government's tightening measures in response to rising inflation.
PMI;tightening;inflation;slowdown January 1st,2011
China 2011: Proactive Fiscal Policy and Prudent Monetary Policy
On the change of monetary policy stance, it's merely an announcement to confirm what has been implemented.
China economy;2011;monetary December 3rd,2010
China's Growth Is Poised to Decelerate
In the wake of the government's intensified measures to curb inflation,business conditions point to a significant deterioration.
inflation;PMI;tight credit November 29th,2010
Chinese Economy 2011: A Year of Reflation
If Chinese authorities were to mainly rely on administrative controls over monetary aggregates instead of allowing price-based policy instruments such as rate hikes and appreciation of the Renminbi to control inflation, the risk of policy-induced boom (in 2010) and bust (2011) cycle would be on the rise.
China economy;2011;inflation November 22nd,2010
PBoC Rate Hike: More Control on Capital Inflow
Impact on RMB is surely positive, though the PBoC will firmly control the pace of RMB-USD appreciation once pressures from US politicians are alleviated. One thing almost surely to happen is that Beijing will impose more capital control measures to curb hot money inflow.
rate hike;appreciation;capital control October 20th,2010
Who Will Lose the Currency, and Trade, War?
If nominal and real depreciation (appreciation) of the deficit (surplus) countries fails to occur, the deficit countries' falling domestic demand and the surplus countries' failure to reduce savings and increase consumption will lead to a global shortfall in aggregate demand in the face of a capacity glut.
currency war;renminbi;trade war;depreciation October 17th,2010
A Currency War Reminiscent of Great Depression
The villain of the piece, then, is not China, but the US Federal Reserve Board, which has been reluctant to use all the tools at its disposal to vanquish deflation and jump-start employment growth.
currency war;renminbi October 13rd,2010
Hot Money Inflow Triggers PBoC to Tighten
Hot money flows in due to heightened expectation on RMB appreciation
hot money;RRR;PMI;appreciation October 11st,2010
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