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China's Top Think Tank Eggs on Creditors to Press US to Protect Their Dollar Assets
The China Center of International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE), China's new top level think tank founded just a month ago, has made its first public presentation, at the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA).
April 21st,2009
China's Steel Industry Squeezed by Declining Demand and Anti-Dumping Threats
China's domestic steel prices have been dropping for ten straight weeks.
April 20th,2009
Premier Wen, State Council Discuss Expanding Stimulus
Private enterprises are still reluctant to invest.
April 17th,2009
China Expected to Release Q1 GDP Growth at 6.1%
The growth rate is not considered too low compared to the fourth quarter, and actually has met expectations.
April 15th,2009
Credit Expansion May Continue to Year's End and Hit 9 Trillion Yuan
The credit growth this year has flowed mainly to large projects and companies owned by central and local governments.
April 14th,2009
Export Plummet Shock: A Guangdong Tiger Under Water
Dongguan, the factory floor of "Made in China" and a leading city of Guangdong Province's Pearl River Delta, China's massive export engine, is being hit hard by plummeting exports. For the first time in its history, growth has registered in the negative numbers.
April 13rd,2009
China's Car Market Rebounds, but It's Still Deep in the Woods
It is quite possible that China will overtake the United States this year to become the world's largest automobile market. In the first quarter, China succeeded the US as the "champ" with sales of 400,000 more vehicles than the new Number 2. This news is not as happy as everybody would like.
April 12nd,2009
China's Trade Rebound Hailed as Stimulus Policy Takes Effect
China's imports and exports are seeing some light after slogging through a dark tunnel. Although total imports and exports are both still declining year on year, the decline has slowed. More importantly, March imports and exports saw a steep month-on-month growth, which China Customs hailed as a "considerable sign of rebound." China's trade surplus also continues its rapid growth.
April 10th,2009
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