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Most Bank Lending Going to Maintenance and Old Projects, Not Growth
Despite loose credit policies, many strong privately-owned firms have shown no great willingness to borrow.
May 4th,2009
Beijing Acts to Curb Statistics Cheating, Gain Credibility
The reliability of China's economic statistics has never been so important.
Statistics Cheating,Gain Credibility May 3rd,2009
China's Outsourcing Will Excel in the Domestic Market and Manufacturing
And India has a strong lead in developing the service outsourcing industry.
April 27th,2009
China's Foreign Express Delivery Restriction Decried As Protectionism
The revised Postal Law forbids foreign companies from delivering express mail in China.
April 27th,2009
Coca-Cola Emphatically Denies Human Rights Violations in Its China Businesses
Mr. Harrington's argument relates to ensuring that companies take steps to support U.S. economic interests. He may one day end up having an effect on China. But since he only got 4% of the vote at the Coca-Cola meeting today in Georgia, any negative effect on China is a long way off.
April 24th,2009
Geely, Chery and BYD Copycatting at the Shanghai Auto Show
People gathered around a car in the Geely show space, trying to spot the differences between the car displayed there and a Rolls-Royce.
April 24th,2009
Porsche Panamera a Smash at the Shanghai Auto Show: 19 Sold in 30 Minutes
Porsche's Panamera made a staggering debut at the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19, the shimmering new speedster drawing oohs and aahs from the crowd of wondering onlookers. In the first 30 minutes after its unveiling, 19 personal orders were placed for the model by well-heeled Chinese car buyers.
April 24th,2009
Volkswagen Celebrates Good News at the Shanghai Auto Show, Plans Overtaking Toyota
Volkswagen (VW) CEO Martin Winterkorn admits that he's not patient enough, and always wants to hear the bad news first rather the good news. At the Shanghai Auto Show on April 20, the news was all good.
April 24th,2009
Falling Power Generation in April= China's Economy Still in the Woods
Power generation and consumption is a leading economic indicator, a wind vane for future economic trends. A February bounce in power generation that continued in the first half of March was welcomed by economic policy makers, not least Premier Wen Jiabao, as a sign of recovery. It was, perhaps, a false hope as power generation again declined in late March. China Electricity Regulatory Commission officials predict a 4% decline in power generation in April.
April 24th,2009
Huawei Continued Torrid Growth in 2008 and into 2009
Despite the present deep valley in which the global telecoms industry finds itself due to the financial crisis, the growth of China's telecoms front-runner Huawei refuses to pull up. Figures just released show that Huawei's 2008 global sales income reached $18.33 billion, a leap of 42.7%, year on year. In 2007, sales income had totaled $12.56 billion, up 48% over 2006.
April 24th,2009
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