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Krugman in China: Stimulating, Controversial, and Expensive
To the disappointment of his Chinese fans, the only prediction Krugman made was that the RMB won't approach internationalization until "after his death--40 or 50 years later."
May 16th,2009
China's Recovery Losing Steam with Exports Still Slowing
Still, for domestic demand-led firms, inventory surpluses and excess capacity have yet to be dealt with, and rebound instability in the tangible economy is inevitable.
May 15th,2009
Shanghai Receives Support From Beijing, But Needs More "Animal Spirits"
Shanghai has been criticized for its passivity, waiting for support or favor from the central government.
May 15th,2009
The World's Steel Warehouse: China's Stimulus Worsens Overcapacity
But the small companies are making money and the large companies are losing money.
May 14th,2009
China's Long March to Retirement Reform
China's success in preparing for its coming age wave will have profound implications for its future prosperity.
May 11st,2009
Canton Fair Fares Unwell: Export Decline Continuing
Buyers were more cautious and were reducing the number of orders and cutting delivery terms and prices. Mid- and low-end products with lower prices and sound quality were more popular than high-end ones.
May 8th,2009
NDRC Official: China's Economy Has Yet to Bottom
The National Development and Reform Commission has launched stimulus plans for ten industries, but many believe this will only lead to new production surpluses.
May 8th,2009
Power Generation Declines: China's Recovery Is Lagging
Although PMI is continuing to rebound, some sub-indicators such as materials and finished product inventories are falling back again, indicating no increase in terminal demand.
May 6th,2009
Roubini Doesn't Stop Growling Like a Bear
The setbacks in consumer spending will most likely be over powered by federal spending.
May 5th,2009
Beijing to Lower Capital Threshold to Stimulate Local and Private Investment
While investment from the central government has surged, at the end of last year, growth of investment by local governments had dropped 1.8 percentage points from July, and the growth this last February dropped to a record low since January, 2004.
May 4th,2009
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