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Again, China's Electric Consumption Does Not Support Official Growth Statistics
Power consumption in Sichuan dropped 9.9% in the first quarter, but its economic growth in the same period reached 10.8%.
June 5th,2009
Kirk on China: A Diplomat Rather Than A Fire Brand Ideologist
Kirk is not as smart and feisty as former US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick, and therefore less dangerous."
June 3rd,2009
Geithner Assuages Chinese Public about America's Debt
The USD is facing great risk of depreciation, so is the rate of return and security of the US national debt.
June 1st,2009
As GM Filing for Bankruptcy, Geithner Sounds Optimistic in Beijing
"What is bad for General Motors is bad for America?"
June 1st,2009
The United States and China, Cooperating for Recovery and Growth
Global problems will not be solved without U.S.-China cooperation. That goes for the entire range of issues that face our world from economic recovery and financial repair to climate change and energy policy.
June 1st,2009
China Strives to Keep Its Export Share in World Market
The State Council has changed the goal from stopping the fall of volume to stopping the fall of market share of " made in China" in the world market.
May 30th,2009
Electricity Consumption Recovering? Made in China Rebounding?
"Slower power generation decline in the second ten days of May means some of China's industrial growth was accelerating. It was also related to the government's adjustment to industrial structure. Energy and non-ferrous metal prices are rising and relevant enterprises are showing signs of rebound,"
May 26th,2009
From Made in China to Made in Guangdong
As overseas orders decrease, more and more companies are trying to hawk their wares on domestic markets.
May 21st,2009
Private Sector the Loser in China's Stimulus Plan
State-owned companies are making full use of private companies' difficulties, along with their own policy and funding advantages, to accelerate mergers and restructuring.
May 21st,2009
Local Governments Manipulate Land Prices to Boost Growth, and Coffers
They are joining in the bidding for local land through government-controlled companies in order to get loans from banks, so bank loans can be transformed into governments' fiscal income. Some local governments have even ordered state-owned enterprises under their control to enter the real estate market to boost housing prices.
May 19th,2009
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