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State Council: Listen Up! Economic Recovery is Looking Rosy!
"Favorable conditions and active factors for the economic development are growing, and the overall situation is stabilizing and becoming better,"
June 18th,2009
China Explores International Investment Agreement as a Method to Resist Protectionism
Question arises why developed countries urge China to open its market, but, at the same time, adopt protectionist measures at home when China wants to invest in their key industries.
June 17th,2009
Eighth Month Straight Drop in China's FDI Prompts Policy Considerations
When the cost increases have affected profit margins, some foreign companies have chosen to slowdown the pace of their investment.
June 16th,2009
May's Statistics Paint a Very Confusing Picture
Economic figures for China's merry month of May do not add up. It reads as the best month since the outbreak of the financial crisis according to investment and industrial growth, while from power generation and enterprises' deposits it seems to be a month of frustration.
June 15th,2009
China's Economy in Turmoil: Bubbles in a Downturn
There's ice on the export side, while there's flame on the real estate market side, and China's effort to create internal demand is being distorted.
June 13rd,2009
China's World-Beating Car Market Showing Signs of Weakness
To again stimulate car sales, the central government is re-launching policies to encourage replacement of old cars.
June 11st,2009
CPI and PPI Drops Continue: Real Economy Lukewarm While Assets Bubble
If energy prices rise, China's CPI may recover to the long-term average level before GDP does. Without the support of the real economy, rapid asset price increases will end up in a bubble, causing serious hurt to the real economy in an economic rebound.
June 11st,2009
China Encourages Use of Forex Reserves for Overseas Investment to Help Exports
SAFE says the new policy helps to relieve the funding problem of enterprises with direct overseas investment and will therefore stimulate export growth.
June 9th,2009
China's Dollar Reserve Risk Management Strategy Taking Shape
China has already begun the process of diversifying its foreign exchange reserve assets, pushing settlement in yuan with its trading partners, and pressuring the US government to be responsible in its fiscal policy.
June 8th,2009
SOE Bankruptcies May Accelerate
China is paying high to stimulate demand, especially in terms of creating production capacity surplus. Stimulated demand may not be able to offset demand declining due to the financial crisis, however, while stimulus policies throwing around a lot of money are not sustainable.
June 8th,2009
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