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China's Great March up the Fortune 500 List
Financial crisis or no financial crisis, companies in Greater China are moving up in the world. The just released Fortune 500 list for 2009 says so, with Chinese companies taking 43 places, 8 more than last year's 35, and rankings are also rising.
Financial crisis,Fortune 500 July 13rd,2009
China's 2009 First Half Performance: Accelerating Recovery
That the Chinese economy has halted its fall, due in great part to the government's massive stimulus policies, and is now on the rebound seems to be the market consensus.
stimulus plan,recovery,china,chinese economy,GDP July 8th,2009
China Looks to G8, EU for More Trade, Stable System
Three months after his previous visit, China's President Hu Jintao is again in Europe, now in Italy, along with a delegation of 300. This time the focus of the delegation is mainly on investment instead of sourcing.
Italy G8,China,EU,Trade,Investment July 7th,2009
The Risk of the Creditization of the Ballooning of China's Local Government Debts
When China's economy came to a standstill in 2008, the major pillars of local government finances collapsed, once again weakening local budgets and leaving them unprepared to support the enormous amounts of economic stimulus spending imposed by the Chinese government in 2009.
July 1st,2009
Half of China's Massive Stimulus Lending Playing with Stocks, Houses, not the Real Economy
About 20% of the credit funds have found their way into the stock market and about 30% into the note market, meaning about half the lending is circulating inside the financial system and pushing up asset prices.
June 30th,2009
Q2 Growth Close to 8%, More Stimulus Policies in Doubt
There is still debate over whether to continue the first half's easy monetary policy or to implement anti-inflation steps in the second half of this year, but it seems unlikely any new economic stimulus will be introduced.
June 26th,2009
The Trade Offs from US-EU WTO Card against China
The US must not antagonize its largest investor in government debt, essential for the Obama rescue plan.
June 24th,2009
At 29 a Mayor, China's Youngest
Zhou Senfang has been a rocket since he entered government in 2004, prompting wonder over how he has risen so high so fast.
June 23rd,2009
The Economy Is "Rebounding", but Employment Is Lagging
Most of China's employment opportunities are created by private companies, foreign-invested companies, and export companies, but private companies are not the direct beneficiary of this round's economic stimulus, export companies are seeing steep decline in production and profit, and FDI has declined for eight straight months.
June 19th,2009
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