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FDI and M&A Down in the First Half of 2009
Whether Rio Tinto's espionage case will affect foreign company investment and M&A deals of has become a subject of focus.
July 30th,2009
Monetary Policy Is Too Loose, Needs Fixing, Says Former PBoC Deputy-Governor
Too much lending and excess money supply will lead to inflation. Excess production capacity and over supply of currency will lead to bubbles. The excessive lending this year will bring credit dilemma next year, resulting in further deterioration of the economic structure.
July 24th,2009
China's Labor Income Growth Momentum Checked
Workers who were looking forward to a raise are now concerned about whether the minimum wage will be lowered in Shenzhen.
July 23rd,2009
Credit Glut Props Up Growth, Sowing Seeds of Trouble Down the Road
China's GDP grew by 7.9% in the second quarter, buoyed by "extremely loose" monetary policy that has boosted investment growth to uncomfortably high levels. The economic growth promoted by investment alone looks likely to add to both imbalances in internal demand and pressures for economic adjustment in the future.
July 17th,2009
China Warns US: Carbon Tariff Will Invite Retaliation
Two high level US political figures, both of Chinese ancestry, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, are on a "green visit" to China. China has said it is strongly opposing the new "carbon tariff" proposed by the US, and warned that it could trigger trade problems.
July 16th,2009
Government to Subsidize Scrapping of 2.7 Billion Old Cars
All the old cars and appliances collected from this program, instead of being sold at second-hand markets, will be disassembled and useful components will be recycled. 450 car disassembling enterprises in China will be allowed to disassemble cars collected by the program, though only one or two enterprises, chosen by bid, will be allowed to disassemble collected home appliances.
July 15th,2009
What if Mr. Bernanke "Retires" Early as Chairman of The Fed?
If Mr. Benjamin Bernanke should "retire" as Chairman of The Fed when his term expires January 31, 2010, there are three important issues affecting China.
Bernanke,Summers,Fed,Obama,Bernanke July 14th,2009
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