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China Inflation Expectations Building
As international commodity prices are increasing due to expectations of USD depreciation, international and domestic factors may lead to stagflation.
August 12nd,2009
China Leaders to Maintain Stimulus and Innovation Policies
Prime Minister Wen said the government must maintain the comparatively rapid economic growth and adjust economic structure at the same time to and make economic development more sustainable and competitive.
August 10th,2009
China Stimulus Plan Criticized for "Crowding Out" Private Sector
Private companies are claiming that they too require financing opportunities, open markets, and tax cuts.
August 7th,2009
China's "Marshall Plan": Use Forex Reserves to Aid Damaged Economies, Build Markets
But many experts worry that a Chinese "Marshall Plan" would trigger hostility among traditional donor states in Europe. Some countries see China as a developing new colonist. Time, effort and care will be necessary to combat this view.
August 6th,2009
China's "Mafia" Economy Spreads Its Web
In Chongqing, local businesses have long been hassled and blackmailed by local gangs. One blackmail case earned a reported 100 million yuan.
August 6th,2009
"Cash for Clunkers" Puts US Car Market Back Up Over China's to No.1
The "Cash for Clunkers" plan, launched by the Obama administration at the end of July, was originally funded with $1 billion, and ran through that in a week. Another $2 billion was added to keep it running until its planned expiration on November 1, but there is a move in Congress to extend it even further.
August 5th,2009
China's Monetary Policy Debate: Adjust for Inflation or Carry on the Stimulus?
Historical experience and an understanding of China's decision-making mechanism suggest that voices of technical decision makers may go unheard. In fact, judging from the continuity of crisis bailout and the forming mechanism of investment and credit, currency supply and liquidity are unlikely to see any change.
August 4th,2009
Does the Rich-Poor Gap in the US Cause the Crisis
To uphold the living conditions and consumption power of low income people, demand has had to be created in the form of liability, which has finally led to the current financial crisis.
August 4th,2009
The "New" Equilibrium from the U.S.-China S&ED
The U.S. delegation stressed to the Chinese that there has been a fundamental change in the U.S. economy. The recovery will be different this time from what the Chinese have seen in the past.
August 4th,2009
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