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Stimulus Hasn't So Far Motivated Private Investment, Boosted Consumption,Premier Wen Admits
After the introduction of the 4 trillion yuan economic stimulus package, many scholars and experts criticized the plan for focusing too much on investment and economic growth instead of structural adjustment, which further aggravates the economy's imbalances.
August 25th,2009
Migrant Worker Shortage Returns, though China's Exports Still Falling
Things have picked up since April. Large enterprises' orders have gradually increased, and the demand for migrant workers in the PRD has become active again.
August 21st,2009
Riding the Tiger
The government's stimulus policies are putting China on the road to both a solid recovery and serious imbalances.
August 20th,2009
China Risks Second Contraction, Deflation, and Bursting Bubbles
We believe that the Chinese economy has bottomed out but has yet to rebound. In the near future, risks for the economy may come from two directions: deflation, and the collapse of asset bubbles. Inflation or stagflation risks do not loom.
August 18th,2009
China-ASEAN Looking to New FTA, and Decoupling from US and EU
The decoupling process may be strengthened by an emerging hard currency in the region, China's yuan. ASEAN has been China's fourth largest trade partner. China wants to test its strategy of making the yuan a trade settlement currency in the FTA.
August 17th,2009
Overseas Expansion-Eager China and Capital Inflow-Hungary ASEAN Ink Investment Agreement
China and its Southeast Asian neighbors is ready to launch a free trade area with 1.9 billion population and US$ 6 trillion.
August 16th,2009
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