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China Isn't Ready to Abandon Stimulus Policy
China has joined the consensus reached at the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in London for maintaining financial support and expansionary monetary policy.
September 7th,2009
Buying IMF Bonds Up to $50 Billion: China Move towards US Treasury Alternatives
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced that the Chinese government has agreed to purchase IMF debt up to $50 billion. This is the first bond subscription agreement the IMF has signed since July when its Council passed the framework on issuing bonds.
IMF, SDR September 4th,2009
World Bank Eyes CIC's Cash and China's Overcapacity
In its quest to shore up the economies of the developing world, the World Bank is seeking cooperation with China, encouraging it to use a portion of its huge foreign reserve for equity investment in developing countries, and to shift its production surpluses to Africa.
World Bank, CIC, overcapacity, Zoellick September 3rd,2009
China Wants to Boost Its Share of the Arms Trade
As the world's largest trading nation with ever-expanding manufacturing capacity, China is still weak in the export of one particular product: arms.
china, arm sale September 3rd,2009
"Don't Stop the Investment Surge!" Says the World to China
Were China to tighten up its monetary policy, it would deal a blow to the fragile recovery of the world economy.
September 3rd,2009
China's Distorted Economy: SOEs Crowd out Private Enterprise
China's private enterprises are, in aggregate, much more efficient than its SOEs.
September 1st,2009
China's Exit Dilemma : Green Shooting, or Over Shooting and Hard Landing?
The banking sector, set off the leash by the central government, is the initiator of this cycle, but will also become its biggest victim if its profligate lending brings the wolf to the door.
August 31st,2009
The Global Financial Crisis Should Have Been Better for China, But...
It was expected that the market would regulate automatically, but government intervention set the manufacturing sector back onto the old road of expansion.
August 27th,2009
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