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In Air Quality Push, Beijing Ready to Shut Down Factories and More During Games
Beijing is not over its case of the nerves, and to further ensure decent air quality during the Games and the Paralympic Games, to be held in mid-September, and deal with possible pollution under adverse weather conditions, the Ministry of Environment Protection has organized an emergency plan in cooperation with the local governments of neighboring provinces and municipalities.
Beijing Olympic July 31st,2008
Green Vehicles Drive into the Greenest Olympics
However, capturing the excellent Olympics opportunity to promote green vehicles is one thing; getting eco-friendly models into mass production and out onto the highway is another.
Beijing Olympic July 22nd,2008
The Illusory Olympic Effect on China's Airline Industry
The inflated expectations from the Olympics effect are simply another bubble waiting to burst. China's airline industry has not seen the event boost its traffic volume as expected. The heightened airport security checks ahead of the Games and a devastating earthquake, compounded by rising fuel expenses have pushed the major Chinese carriers' passenger traffic into negative territory in the last two months, the first drop in the last five year since the outbreak of SARS in 2003 paralyzed the entire travel industry. And the situation has been exacerbated by the difficulties for foreigners to get visa to China.
Beijing Olympic July 19th,2008
Beijing Olympics: Never Enough Security
The Beijing Olympics will be staged in less than a month. There have been daunting security tasks to handle before the Games and there will continue to be for the duration. Media outlets have been persistently presenting the importance the government has attached to security, as well as the means the government has employed to protect the Games.
Beijing Olympic July 16th,2008
Sarkozy and Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremonies
To the Chinese government, Mr. Sarkozy attending the opening ceremonies does mean something: he is the leader of a European power and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. To France, the President's attendance at the opening ceremonies is not a big deal, but there will be an issue if France loses large orders because President Sarkozy refuses to attend.
Beijing Olympic July 13rd,2008
Olympics Moving In, Beijing Housing Boom Moving Out
Since 2002, the year the capital city won the hosting of the summer Olympic Games, Beijing, along with several of China's major cities, has been experiencing a housing boom. Now, with the opening ceremony approaching, the Games will soon be over, and it appears that the same may be said for the housing boom.
Beijing Olympic July 10th,2008
Beijing's Olympics Public Relations
When Beijing was awarded the host of the 2008 Olympics on July 13, 2001, the joyful Chinese didn't expect that their road to the summer of 2008 would be so bumpy. This summer game has been politicized from very beginning.
Beijing Olympic July 10th,2008
Beijing Olympic Games Force Slower Economic Pace
China has invested enormous resources of money, time and pride into these coming games and will stop at almost nothing to insure that the events will pass without any untoward or embarrassing incidents. Security arrangements have been thought out and are being implemented down to small details.
Beijing Olympic July 10th,2008
Baosteel-BHP Billiton Iron Ore Negotiation Overdue
Claiming the 2008 iron ore price hike agreed upon between Baosteel, bargaining for China's steel makers, and Australia miner Rio Tinto does not represent the market, BHP Billiton has rejected the supply contract they negotiated. Without an agreement with BHP, many long-term iron ore supply contracts may expire after today (June 30).
June 30th,2008
DPRK: Moving toward Nuclear Dismantlement
Actually the DPRK started its nuclear disablement from last year already. What truly matters is not nuclear arms control per se. In the DPRK's case, the objective is to dismantle all its nuclear wherewithal, military as well as civilian.
June 28th,2008
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