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Tainted Baby Formula Tests Credibility of Food Safety Authority
Infant milk powder from China's largest producer San Lu Group has been confirmed chemically tainted, and the Chinese government is now taking action to resolve problems, including complete cessation of San Lu production, free medical treatment for the babies affected, and the arrest of dozens of suspects. But the real question is why the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GAQSIQ) waited half a year, since first receiving complaints last March, to take action?
September 15th,2008
Contaminated Milk Powder Strikes Hundreds of Rural Babies
Baby milk power produced by Sanlu Group, China's biggest milk power producer, is suspected to have been contaminated with the chemical melamine. Babies in more than 10 provinces have developed kidney stones after drinking milk made from this powder.
September 12nd,2008
China's Overseas Environmental Problems Cause Domestic Concern
Western countries have recently charged that some of the hydroelectric power stations China has built in other developing countries, either for investment or as economic aid, are presenting "environmental risks." In a recent report the Chinese government has admitted that some of China's overseas projects were causing environmental problems, and is appealing to Chinese firms to protect the environment of their overseas investment destinations.
September 10th,2008
The Advent of a New Cold War
When the former President – now the Prime Minister – of Russia Vladimir Putin sat in the evening of August 8 in the Bird's Nest, China's National Stadium, he was not only watching the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games, but also pondering the consequence of a new Cold War.
September 6th,2008
China, US, (or Jamaica): Who Won the Olympic Games?
In China, the official organizing committee website and all the media have throughout the games counted up the number of gold medals won to come up with a leader/winner, which, conveniently, was China, with 51 golds to runner-up America's 36. The US media, on the other hand, have used the total medal count to proclaim a winner, and that country, also conveniently, was the US, who, while they lagged behind in total gold, more than made up for it with silvers and bronzes, earning 110 medals to China's 100. Next, and distant, down the list was Russia with 23 gold and 72 medals over all.
Beijing Olympic August 25th,2008
Liu Xiang's Fall and China's Nationalism
With the whole nation indulging its pride in hosting the Olympic Games, a national hero has suffered a great fall. The country, and the hero, are about to undergo a real test.
Beijing Olympic August 19th,2008
China to Cover 200m Migrant Workers with Portable Pension System
A portable pension system, covering 200 million migrant workers, is in the pipeline to be launched later this year. According to the plan, social security accounts of migrant workers with stable jobs will be combined into the current urban social security system, while those of migrant workers without stable jobs will be directly deposited into personal accounts.
Pension August 11st,2008
China-US Basketball Match: Back to the Future of Sports Diplomacy
In the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008, a year which also marks the 30th anniversary of both the beginning of China's opening up and the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and US, the men's basketball teams of the two countries met. This competition not only included brilliant stars, but also attracted the heads of six countries, including US President George W. Bush, to come to Beijing to be witnesses to the event along with hundreds of million of other sports fans across the nation and across the world.
Beijing Olympic August 11st,2008
The "Major Sponsor" of Olympics Sees a Chinese Leap Forward in Soft Drinks Consumption
The "major sponsor" of the 2008 Olympic Games and the oldest sponsor since 1928 believes carbonated soft drink consumption in China will rise to 150 eight ounce serving per capita each year, said Neville Isdell, Chairman and CEO of the Coca-Cola Company in an interview with CNBC television in New York.
Beijing Olympic August 10th,2008
US-Indian Nuclear Deal:Moving ahead but Uncertain
Manmohan Singh's government recently survived a critical vote of confidence in the Indian parliament over its support of the US-Indian agreement on civilian nuclear cooperation. Though the win was rather marginal, by 275 votes to 256, New Delhi and Washington are now ready to consummate their nuclear pact.
August 5th,2008
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