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Is China Ready for Global Economic-Financial Regime Evolution?
US President George W. Bush will host a G20 summit on November 15 in Washington to discuss the current financial crisis and reform of the global economic system, which will be of significant importance for the direction of the international economy and financial structure in the future. It is unclear what ideas China will put forward at the meeting. Chinese policy-makers, government officials and academics, lack consensus on the preferred evolution of the world economy and financial system after the crisis.
October 23rd,2008
Party Meeting: No Breakthrough in Farmers' Land Use Rights
In China, land belonging to urban areas and rural areas is very different. Rural land is considered the collective property of local farmers as a whole, while in urban areas land belongs directly to the nation. Rural land cannot be used directly for urbanization construction. Farmers have no individual legal property right of their houses and the land on which houses are built. Before this plenary session, some expected that the government might allow farmers the right to own their housing and property as individuals. But the decision made during the session avoided any mention of this issue.
October 13rd,2008
Bush's Arms Sale to Taiwan
Even if the US has hurt China in selling weapons to Taiwan, the mainland still has a need to relieve its own assets from the disaster, even incidentally helping America. Then, the last question is: who knows investment in the US financial market at a bad time would help rather than harm China further?
October 10th,2008
Why No Mainland Chinese Nobel Laureates?
China is the workshop of the world, but due to the lack of R&D and innovative capability, key technology in the information industry still originates in foreign companies. In science and technology, Japan is infamous for imitation, and is criticized for its "lack of innovation."However, Japan is geographically about as large as China's Fujian Province, with a population of around only 127 million, compared to China's 1.3 billion. Sixteen people born in Japan have won the Nobel Prize since World War II. The Chinese got metal at the Olympic Games. The Japanese get Nobel Prize medals.
October 10th,2008
China's Bronze Medal
The message has been sent and felt. China developed nuclear weapons to break the nuclear monopoly, for counter-deterrence purposes. China demonstrated ASAT capability to break ASAT monopoly, for space balance of power. China will eventually acquire a credible space deterrent to break space monopoly, still for peaceful purpose.
October 2nd,2008
China's Premier Vows to Rebuild the Credibility of Milk Industry
The milk powder scandal, humiliating China's food industry and hurting "made in China" icon, has become one of the toughest and most urgent problems disturbing Wen Jiabao, China's Prime Minister.
September 28th,2008
Milk Scandal Gifts Market Share to Foreign Dairy Brands
The contaminated milk scandal rocking the domestic dairy industry is offering global dairy giants a significant opportunity to grab larger market share in the enormous Chinese market. As foreign-owned and domestic food chains and retailers scramble to dissociate themselves of any relation with tainted brands, the subsequent shortage of certified non-toxic dairy products will benefit those brands' foreign rivals.
September 22nd,2008
Milk Powder Crisis Spreads to Liquid Milk, and to Stock Markets
Ripples from China's dairy product crisis are spreading, as liquid milk produced by China's three biggest dairy product makers has also been found to be tainted. Securing a supply of safe milk has become a harried quest for worried parents and other consumers.
September 19th,2008
Beijing Finally Allows Domestic Coverage of Milk Powder Scandal
It was the day after the end of the Beijing Paralympic Games, and Chinese newspaper front pages were not full of exhalations over the excellence of the closing ceremonies. Instead, headlines blazed away at the milk powder scandal that is gripping government, the industry and the entire population. For the first time since the crisis began, the Chinese media reported the issue in an all-round way.
September 18th,2008
Scandal Overwhelms China's Dairy Industry, Taints "Made in China"
The Chinese government considers the issue a nationwide or even worldwide scandal, and worries about the serious damage it has done to the whole dairy industry, perhaps even the "made in China" icon.
September 17th,2008
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