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At the G20 Summit, What Will China Gain and Contribute?
China's economic strategy is in the middle of the philosophies of free markets and central planning. While its economy is slowing down from more rapid pace, its current pace is positive, not negative as several other types of markets point to. This is an ideal time for hardliners from both free markets and central planning persuasion to ponder inwardly China's success in giving government a vital role to make markets work better
November 12nd,2008
Before Saving the US
If the US must ask China to buy some portion of its national debt, what kind of conditions and principles should China we raise? 
November 11st,2008
Can Obama Honor His Promises?
Barack Obama was elected for his promises. In terms of foreign policy, he may well soon fail to deliver on them.
November 11st,2008
Our Endorsement for Barack Obama
Due to the US's incomparable power in the world, who the next president will be and what kind of policies will he adopt is crucial to not only the American people, but also the whole world, including China.
November 4th,2008
A Historic Visit
The top envoy's visit to Taiwan is historic. Though the Beijing authority claims that his visit will focus only on economic tie between the two sides, nobody will trust that this visit doesn't bear historic political imprint.
November 4th,2008
Bankruptcies and Closures:"Toy Stories" in the Pearl River Delta
The world financial convulsion is seeping into the Pearl River Delta, base camp of MADE IN CHINA, via Hong Kong. Toy export processing businesses, many owned by HK businesspeople, are closing their doors or going bankrupt because of order reductions from the United States and Europe, or huge losses from inept speculation in financial derivatives.
Exports Drop October 29th,2008
Melamine Scandal Hits China's "King of Eggs"
"We can't deduce that eggs from other companies also have problems because of the problem in Hanwei Group, for that might cause unnecessary panic. Once people dare not eat eggs, the whole industry would be destroyed," said Gong Guifen, vice-secretary general of the Poultry Branch of the China Animal Agriculture Association.  
Melamine Scandal October 28th,2008
How Obama Would Deal with China?
He has to understand that the short period of American unipolar dominance since the end of the Cold War is to be gone. America now has to face the co-rise of China, Russia, India and Japan, to name a few, and has to yield unilateralism to multilateral consultation with the aforementioned states at least. The age of G7 is gone, and is being replaced by America, China, Russia, Indian, Japan plus EU as a group.
October 28th,2008
China Expects "Business as Usual", Either Obama or McCain
Whether Americans elect Senator McCain or Senator Obama as the next president of the United States, there is likely to be less volatility in bilateral relations and fewer concerns in Beijing that there will be any major policy shift in U.S.-China policy compared to previous elections.
October 27th,2008
Congratulations, India!
India has just shot an unmanned moon orbiter, Chandrayaan-1, into the space. Let us send our warm congratulations to India!
October 26th,2008
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