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Six Centuries Later, China's Navy Again Shows Up off Somalia's Seashore
600 years ago, Zheng He, the great navigator of the Ming Dynasty, led an enormous fleet across the Western (Indian) Ocean, and reached the east coast of Africa, touching land at what is now Somali. Now, 600 years later, the Chinese Navy ships will once again leave for the Gulf of Aden. This time, though, they will not be bearing gifts, but arms, as they will enter Somalia waters to combat the recent rampant piracy that is endangering all sea-going traffic in that vital area.
December 23rd,2008
Drop "One Child" Policy, Scholars Urge
Although any deviation from the "One-Child" policy is still expressly denied by the government, more and more scholars and policy researchers are calling for change and a revision to a "Two-Child" policy. Otherwise, they say, looming ahead is a demographic transformation unprecedented in human history that will see the rapid aging of China's population and the shrinking of the population of the most populous country in the wor
December 23rd,2008
Coastal Provinces Determined to Dump Labor Intensive Industries
China's export growth in November, at –2.2%, was the first negative growth in the past seven years and reveals the serious economic slide in China's coastal areas that depend mainly on exports. Southern China's rich Guangdong Province, producer of 1/3 of China's goods for export, is the biggest loser. But this is strengthening the determination of these areas to readjust their economic structu
December 15th,2008
China Inspecting, Rejecting Food Imported from US, EU
As the New Year's and Chinese Spring Festival holidays approach, both in January when food consumption peaks, government inspectors are keeping a keen eye peeled for toxic ingredients found in the plethora of chocolates, candies, cheese balls, meat products and so on imported from US and Europe.
December 10th,2008
Deals Worth Billions Threatened by China-Europe Disputes
While China and the US are making progress in their Strategic Economic Dialogue, billions of Euros worth of deals between China and Europe and France may be threatened due to disputes that have arisen between the two trading partners.
December 5th,2008
After Mumbai Attack, Is China Ready?
Is China ready for terrorism after the terrorist attack in Mumbai, in China's neighboring country India? Tens of thousands of foreign invested enterprises in China, as well as the Chinese government and its citizens, are eager to know the answer
December 2nd,2008
Laid-off Migrant Workers Test China's Fragile Social Security System
A wave of unemployment among migrant workers, triggered by the closure of many of China's financially straitened factories, is testing the country's fragile social security system.
Social Security December 1st,2008
Somali Piracy Poses Deep Threat to Global Shipping Industry
The world's ships face accelerating hijack peril when transiting the Gulf of Aden or cruising along the Somali coast, where piracy is becoming increasingly rampant. Since only mid-September, three Chinese ships, all out of Hong Kong, have been taken by Somali pirates and one is still in their hands.
November 23rd,2008
China and Japan to Compete/Cooperate for International Financial Clout
As the two countries with the largest foreign exchange reserves, China and Japan attracted great attention on the issue of funding the IMF (International Monetary Fund) at the G20 Financial Summit held in Washington, D.C., this past weekend.
November 17th,2008
G20 Summit: the Start of a Long Process towards a New Order
The G-20 meeting in Washington later this week is important, but it will at best be the start of a long process. The IMF will almost certainly emerge as a more important multilateral institution than it has been in the past ten years. In some ways we are back to 1944 when allied financial leaders got together in Bretton Woods (New Hampshire) to figure out how to deal with the financial and economic devastation left behind by the Second World War. More accurately, we are back to the many preparatory months that preceded the historic 1944 Bretton Woods meeting. China, along with other major emerging market economies, should also have a much larger voice in the IMF. Globalization has suffered a set-back, but in rearranging the global financial system, we should be careful not to throw out the baby with the bath water.
November 12nd,2008
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