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Johnson & Johnson Cleared over "Toxic Substance", but Image Suffers
The storm over rumors that baby bath products and cosmetics produced by Johnson & Johnson might contain carcinogenic substances has proved to have little substance. Chinese quality inspection authorities have released findings showing that the company's products are quite in line with China's safety standards.The incident has, however, tarnished the Johnson & Johnson image in the Chinese market.
March 22nd,2009
US Importers on China's Blacklist
Some American importers are joining companies in the Middle East on Chinese exporters' blacklist of companies not to do business with.
March 5th,2009
Under pressure, India Drops Protection Against Chinese Toys
Bowing to a flurry of protests from the Chinese government and toy associations, and perhaps more to the point to the strong dissatisfaction of its own domestic toy importers and sellers, the government of India has finally decided to allow Chinese toys with global security institution verification to enter the Indian market.
March 4th,2009
Mrs. Hillary Clinton Reprioritizes US-China Relations
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's forthcoming arrival in Beijing ironically confirms that the Strategic Economic Dialogue, long championed by Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson has taken a back seat. It is ironic because the economic crisis has mushroomed.
February 18th,2009
China Urges World Bank's Further Clarification in Corruption Allege
The World Bank issued an announcement on January 14 to ban four Chinese state-owned construction companies and three local firms from future bidding in the Philippines and cancelled the tender worth USD 33 million of a local road project financed by the bank in which those companies were accused of tender rigging. In response, Chinese government and companies urged the bank for further clarification and reconsideration.
January 21st,2009
2009: China's Year of Rising Opportunities, and Challenges
In 2009, China, along with the rest of the world, is at a new historical starting point. The largest post-Cold War change in the world situation is taking place in response to the global financial crisis and economic recession, a rebalance of the global economy. The change will not be sudden and catastrophic but a gradual and, it is profoundly to be hoped, peaceful evolution, and will run from to the middle of the 21st century.
January 5th,2009
Obama's Speaker's-Corner Cabinet Yin Yang
President-elect Obama will have a "Speaker's-Corner" cabinet in the White House! This statement will be perfectly clear to Chinese companies which prefer London to New York City for their global offices (see ChinaStakes June 19, 2008). London is home of Hyde Park and its famous Speaker's Corner, where anyone can stand on a box and shout at the world. This analogy is not trivial as such is the way that president-elect Obama's cabinet will communicate with China
January 2nd,2009
Jobs, Yes, but a Return to the Sweatshop?
China launched its first labor contract law and employment promotion law this year. But it is hard to meet the demand of the two laws at the same time.
Labor Law December 30th,2008
Human Flesh Search-China-Style Anti-corruption
A local government official has been brought to justice recently for malfeasance, not through any Chinese bureaucratic sleuthing, but because of the efforts of China's active netizens. The "human flesh" search (the exact English translation from the Mandarin), a scouring of the net waves for data and, particularly, pictures of a target subject, originating from www.mop.com, an entertainment website, is becoming the anti-corruption weapon of a public tired of seeing its public moneys wasted by petty bureaucrat
December 29th,2008
Clawing Back Labor Protection and Social Security
China's mandated laborer protection process, launched only a short while ago, is being suspended in the economic slowdown due to the global crisis. In an effort to ease the way for firms trying to weather present hard times, the government is allowing enterprises to cut payments into social security funds and delay payments for up to six months, and the new labor contract law, which triggered drastic disputes earlier, is no longer being discussed.
December 25th,2008
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