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Swine Flu Keeps Chinese Tourists Grounded
In May, which is traditionally the beginning of the peak season for overseas tours, many tour groups are being cancelled or postponed, affecting international and domestic routes of airlines in China and neighboring countries.
May 26th,2009
Premier Wen's Message to Europe: No to G2, for Now
China also must consider the feelings of other non-western countries, those of India, Brazil, and Russia, in particular. China needs the support of these countries in its economy, markets, resources, and geostrategy. If China were to develop a G2 relation with the US it would do definite damage to its relationships with these countries.
May 24th,2009
The US Should Applaud, Not Fear, Chinese Destroyers in the Horn of Africa
The deployment of the Chinese Navy in the Horn of Africa does not represent a power grab in Africa but merely reflects China's cooperation with a multinational constellation of naval vessels in order to combat piracy.
May 23rd,2009
India Democracy Triumphs, Country on a Hopeful Trajectory
Obviously, both Washington and New Delhi might look to each other to balance China's rise, but America may have greater interest in working with China, as a military and economic power, to help stabilize the world.
May 21st,2009
The Irony That Is Jon Huntsman
Will his experience dealing with a major corporate polluter and their efforts to remedy their problem be seen as a boon or will his family's business bring doubts to his credibility?
May 19th,2009
Will Jon Huntsman to China Be a Messenger or Mover and Shaker?
Governor Huntsman's nomination must be confirmed by the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It is chaired by an opponent of the Kyoto Treaty on global warming without greenhouse gas emissions limits on China, Senator John Kerry. He was a 2004 opponent against former President George Bush in the 2004 presidential campaign and once labeled the Chinese government as "currency predators."
May 17th,2009
Alarm Bells Sounded in Washington Over China's Rising "Soft Power"
Xinhua News Service expects to increase its overseas bureaus from 100 to 186 and to spend 45 billion yuan to expand its foreign language news coverage.
May 7th,2009
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