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Green Shoots Emerging from " New" US-China Diplomacy
The design of the Obama administration's "new" diplomacy towards China is anchored on reduced confrontation, improved communications, "uncle/guanxi" feelings which build "relationships" rather than "contacts," and a positive mental attitude.
July 30th,2009
Wang to Geithner: I Could Be Your Uncle
Vice Premier Wang's dramatic expression drove home the following message: US Secretary Geithner and I have a personal relationship ("guanxi") which distinguishes success from failure.
July 29th,2009
S&ED: "New Diplomacy in Washington"
Nowhere is the U.S. new diplomacy towards China more transparent than the opening ceremonies yesterday which resemble a fraternity rush event, wooing the skeptical to join the team.
July 29th,2009
Illusion of "China's Attack on India Before 2012"
However, there is one scenario where there is possibility for war: an aggressive Indian policy toward China, a "New Forward Policy," may aggravate border disputes and push China to use force – despite China's appeal, as far as possible, for peaceful solutions.
July 17th,2009
WSJ Tramples a Lot of Chinese Toes in its Xinjiang, China Coverage
But the Chinese government and media also need to think over why western media always report issues so differently. Cultural differences are certainly at play, but on the other hand the government also needs to be more open transparent in the reporting of such issues.
Xinjiang Riots,Urumqi riots,China and western July 14th,2009
Ethnic Riots in Xinjiang Claim Lives: Han Chinese Complain of Government "Favoring" Uyghurs
After the reported deaths of a number of Han residents, Han Chinese began to gather in the streets of Urumqi on July 7 to protest what they saw as the government favoring Uyghur residents. Most residents here are Han, but the Uyghur comprise the largest minority group in the area.
July 8th,2009
China, among Others, Ought to Move on a Strategic Aid in Pakistan
Contrary to impressions in the west, recent polls indicate that the majority of Pakistanis consider economic and political conditions to be a greater priority than terrorism, suggesting a real opportunity to gain control over the global threat that the Pakistani situation poses.
June 12nd,2009
Pelosi's "Historic" Trip to China
Known for unfurling years ago a banner in Tiananmen Square in memory of protestors, she felt this time that she could better get the attention of the Chinese policy makers with this bill in her traveling bag than by waving a clean energy banner in Beijing.
June 3rd,2009
North Korea Dragging Powers Deep Into the Nuclear Dilemma
Given the complex nature of this matter related to international system, it is hard to be optimistic to foresee a meaningful nuclear disablement of the DPRK anytime soon.
May 30th,2009
The Mutation of the China-US Strategic "Economic" Dialogue
The date of this year's China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue has not been officially announced but may take place during the last week of July in Washington, according to sources familiar with scheduling, who spoke to ChinaStakes on conditions of confidentiality.
May 28th,2009
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