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No Pollution on Our Turf Either – China on Multinationals
The Chinese government is now taking stringent measures to urge multinationals to protect the environment in China as they would in their home countries. With ever-stricter environmental policies and the enforcement of these policies, multinationals are quickly learning that China will no longer provide lower costs on the environmental factor.
double-standard January 12nd,2008
Safeguarding Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
One truly respect Pakistani government and armed forces for their possible ability to control situation and restore order quickly, but the international concern over the security of Pakistan's nuclear weapons are legitimate as such worry is not totally unwarranted.
Bhutto's death and Pakistan's Crisis December 31st,2007
The Tragedy of Pakistan
Whence goes Islamabad? No prophets in this world can foretell. On the one hand, Pakistan could grow more violently, as the assassination could motivate an action-and-reaction wave of revenge. On the other, however, as Benazir's return has catalyzed the confrontation in her country, her sad death could also discourage domestic polarizing, at least after a while.
Benazir Bhutto December 29th,2007
Environment to People
Scientific outlook on development is doing its job
Xiamen PX project December 22nd,2007
Bali Success Illusory
The US, and China, were under siege at the conference.
China-US and climate December 17th,2007
One Small Step for China. . .
China launched its first moon-orbiting spacecraft, the Chang'e 1, named after the Chinese goddess of the moon. The launch represents another effort by China to assert itself as an emerging global power
Chang'e to moon November 30th,2007
The Emergency Room
China's Doctors and patients alike have been waiting patiently for the complete overhaul of the country's public hospitals, which will start with the upcoming new round of health care reform.
health care overhaul November 29th,2007
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