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Breaking Iranian Nuclear Impasse
A solution to break Iran's nuclear impasse is to make it clear that Iran can go ahead with uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes, but it has to be assured as peaceful with close international monitoring, and truly strong international sanctions shall be evoked should there be a violation.
May 7th,2008
Engineers Expected to be Less Dominant in China's Social Engineering Program
While 10 years ago, engineers seemed to be the mainstay in China's central government, it is now becoming apparent that China's next generation of political leaders will be of a different breed. China's future leaders will have noticeably different backgrounds, with talents who majored in economics, law, and social sciences, most of whom were pursuing higher education at the beginning of the reform and opening-up, taking the reigns of power
May 6th,2008
China-Japan-South Korea FTA Saga: More Thunder, Little Rain
The Chinese President Hu Jintao is paying a visit to Japan, labeled by Beijing "a journey of warm spring." Premier Wen Jiaobao's visit last year was called "ice-melting journey." With a warming China-Japan relationship and Korea's active attitude, the establishment of free trade zone is again being raised as an issue among the three countries.
May 5th,2008
Pyongyang's Nuclear Gambit
It is imperative the North Korea has to do something with America in the next half year, in order to shape the contour of America's DPRK policy of even the next administration. However, the North has little to offer in this game, due to its security restrain and resources available.
May 4th,2008
Hardlanding Prospects Lead to One-Child Reconsideration
When a Chinese government spokesman recently let slip publicly that China was examining its One-Family-One-Child Policy, it set off global shockwaves. And though Premier Wen Jiabao quickly stepped in with his statement today that China would "keep the current family plan policy and keep a low birth rate, improve the quality of the population, and make efforts to lower the ratio of boys to girls," the fact is that China's One-Child policy is coming under reconsideration, and for good reasons.
March 5th,2008
China's Pension System: A Race with the Aging Tsunami
Of those troubles that may put China's growth sustainability in jeopardy, the top one is a seriously flawed pension system.
March 1st,2008
Not in My Backyard: China's Rising Middle Class Growing Environmental Contention
Considering that real estate is a major wealth for Chinese residents, environmental pollution brought about by large-scale construction projects will directly harm the interest of the homeowners. Residents of China's cities have been trying to participate in the in the decision-making process to reduce the negative influences of development. It is likely that investors, local governments, banks and builders will now have to contend with the growing awareness of other stakeholders such as local residents who will want to uphold their rights when comes the time to make a feasibility research report.
February 28th,2008
Beijing Olympics: Opportunities for Human Rights
Those who care for Darfur need to understand that their objectives are shared by the Chinese. But it is only fair, while asking China to take on an even greater share, to recognize the responsible relations China has cultivated with Africa's nations for decades, and to take the notice that China's need of energy deserves respect.
February 27th,2008
The Election also about Revamping Taiwan's Economy
The revamping of Taiwan's economy hence heavily depends upon its ability to assure a stable political environment that won't challenge the status quo. At the moment, the development of the situation in Taiwan before the election seems to bode well of the public expectation. Still, it is critical to assure a peaceful election and ordered process of power transition in the next three months.
Taiwan February 20th,2008
Tianjin the Rising Economic Engine under the Auspices of Beijing
Tianjin, 120 kilometers from Beijing, is one of China's largest municipalities and may become one of the major driving forces in the economic development of northern China during the next ten years. Benefiting from the revival policies promoted by the central government, the city has developed rapidly over the last two years.
February 15th,2008
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