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China to Build Temporary Houses for Millions of Homeless Families in the Wake of the Great Earthquake
The magnitude 8.0 earthquake that struck Sichuan last week has left over 4 million people homeless. In an effort to resettle them, the Chinese government is urgently building one million mobile homes. 33 companies from 20 provinces and municipalities are expected to take part in this emergency housing project.
May 21st,2008
Goldman Sachs, Citi, and HSBC Rapped for "Stingy" Donations to China's Earthquake Relief
News from China's earthquake shattered NW Sichuan has struck a strong chord in the country and relief money is flowing in from Chinese businesses, organizations and ordinary citizens, so far amounting to 16 billion yuan. However, a lot of this money is not coming from the foreign banks that are of late ensconcing themselves so comfortably in China's economy.
May 21st,2008
Aftershocks Cause More Damage, Keep West China Tension High
With aftershocks measuring 6.0 to 7.0 on the Richter scale recorded yesterday and this morning, the continuing activity of the massive May 12 earthquake in Sichuan Province has 100+ million people, in the provincial capital Chengdu, in Chongqing City and in surrounding areas in the province and neighboring provinces, understandably at the edge of their seats ready to run for it at the least quiver.
May 20th,2008
China Earthquakes Cause Nuclear Safety Concern
Nuclear facilities located in the mountainous area around Wenchuan, the epicenter of the recent savage earthquake that shook southwest China, are causing concerns among local residents and government officials about the possibilities that they may have been damaged
May 18th,2008
Millions of China Earthquake Refugees Must Be Resettled
Millions of people are streaming out of earthquake blasted Wenchuan and northwest Sichuan, leaving the debris that once was their homes, driven by continuing aftershocks, a lack of safe water, food, and housing, a fear of massive flooding caused by quake-trashed mountain streams and lakes and their dams, and now the plague threat from the thousands of rubble-buried bodies decomposing in the mounting spring heat and rain.
May 18th,2008
China Earthquakes More Peril: Dam and Reservoir Collapse
The 7.8 earthquake that shook Sichuan Province in the afternoon of May 12, killing an estimated 50,000, is posing a continuing threat as the untold damage to hydropower stations and reservoir dams upstream on the Min River (the Minjiang) becomes apparent. The Minjiang is a tributary of the Yangtze River.
May 17th,2008
Earthquake's Shock to Sichuan Not Such a Shock to China's Economy
The disastrous Sichuan earthquake is now thought to have claimed around 50,000 lives. Whole villages and small towns have ceased to exist, and larger towns have been extremely damaged. But Wenchuan County is remote even in remote western Sichuan and occupies a small area in the vastness that is China, and it is believed that the devastation wrought there will have a relatively slight effect on the nation's economy compared to the snow storm in January that enveloped central China and developed coastal areas, and will not last long. Currently the industrial plant and agriculture have not been affected seriously.
May 17th,2008
Earthquakes in China Disrupt the Supply of Nonferrous Metals
The recent earthquakes with their epicenter in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province have affected the exploitation, production, and transportation of nonferrous metals in Sichuan and Yunnan Province; this will affect the supply of some nonferrous metals, especially the short term supply of zinc.
May 16th,2008
China's Earthquakes Kill 10,000, Schools, Towns, and Hospitals Buried
The 7.8 quake that shook Sichuan Province yesterday afternoon has proved to be devastating and wide reaching. According to updated reports from the Ministry of Civil Affair, 9219 people are dead in the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu, Chongqing, Yunnan, Shanxi, Guizhou, and Hubei, with thousands more waiting to be dug out
May 13rd,2008
Strong Earthquakes Hit Sichuan, Felt in Beijing and Shanghai
A strong earthquake today rattled Wenchuan County, 92 kilometers northeast of Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province in China's southwest, and shaked skyscrapers thousands kilometers away in Shanghai.
May 12nd,2008
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