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The Great Green Card Debate in Greater China
A huge and virulent dispute over foreign residency permits for officials has spread across the straight from Taiwan to Hong Kong and mainland China, and from politicians to businessmen, becoming increasingly hot in Chinese society.
June 23rd,2008
Chinese Companies Preferring London to New York City
The City of London, the British capital's financial district and a financial capital of Europe, is bubbling these days with talk of the Middle Kingdom. From its many pubs, bars, and coffee shops to the restaurants in Chinatown, Chinese companies are the subjects of ever more heated rumors concerning their next mergers and acquisitions, and which is going to be the next to set up euro-area headquarters in the City.
June 19th,2008
US to China Delegates: Buy? Heavens, yes. But Invest…?
The fourth Sino-US Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) will be held today and tomorrow in Annapolis, Maryland, in the US. As usual, a large purchasing team organized by the Chinese government has followed the Chinese delegation to the US bent on a spending spree among US commodities dealers among others. The throwing around of Chinese cash in pursuit of domestic products suits the US down to the ground. Unfortunately, that same attitude does not hold with Chinese investment.
June 17th,2008
Direct Flights Across the Taiwan Straits
Direct flights between mainland China and Taiwan, interrupted for several decades, will partially resume in July this year. At the same time, mainland tourists will be able to travel to Taiwan and their RMB will be freely converted. The integration of the two economies is being upgraded from the level of investment to currency and transport.
June 16th,2008
US-Israel on Iran: Military Bluff Ineffective
Military bluff is not effective at this stage. While Iran has to be careful not to push the envelope too much, the tension is still within control.
June 15th,2008
Sichuan Quake-caused School Building Destruction Traced to Funding Shortage
Many of the school buildings that collapsed were built before 2001, when educational funds in rural and undeveloped areas were very short. To build them, local governments had to borrow heavily from banks. Some were even financed by students' parents.
Sichuan Earthquake June 11st,2008
Management of Earthquake Donation Tests the Chinese Government
The earthquake in Sichuan province has triggered an unprecedented wave of donations to charity across China, but how should the donated money be spent; how can this huge amount be transparently and effectively used for the earthquake relief; and how can abuses or embezzlement be avoided? These questions are being asked to a Chinese government that lacks transparency and supervision, a test of its integrity.
June 3rd,2008
Mainland China-Taiwan"Sunshining" after KMT Chairman's Visit
KMT Chairman, Wu Poh-hsiung's six-day visit to mainland China will hopefully mark a breakthrough for cross-straight relations, especially since this is the biggest sign of positive development in the bilateral relationship since it stagnated ten years ago.
June 3rd,2008
Aftershocks Keep Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi Shaking
The earthquake in Wenchuan has driven 45 million people from their homes, and continuing aftershocks are making matters even worse. The aftershocks run from northwestern Sichuan north and east to Gansu and Shanxi Provinces and may continue for several months, causing many millions of people to sleep out in the open air.
June 1st,2008
China's Earthquake Damage Untold and for Now Untellable
The death toll for the Wenchuan earthquake in China's Sichuan Province now stands at 51,151. That grizzly number is one that can be counted out, as can the 29,328 people still considered missing.
May 22nd,2008
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