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China Finds Its Reserves Unsettling
The country has grabbed up a neat little stash of almost $2 trillion dollars in foreign exchange reserves, which it has regarded as a sum of its achievements during its 30-year reform and opening-up process. But lately that lump is causing gas of a different and unpleasant sort, and China's vast accumulation is the source of sleepless nights.
March 19th,2008
Relentless Capital Inflow Puts China's Sterilization under Siege
An underestimated RMB appreciation rate and, in particular, previously unsuspected large inflows of hot money are resulting in overly huge foreign exchange reserves, making extremely difficult the sterilization operations of the central bank.
February 21st,2008
Fed Rate Cuts and Snowstorms Give the Yuan Further Room to Appreciate
As China's monetary authority allows a larger appreciation of the RMB in order to cope with inflationary problems, and the US Federal Reserve has cut interest rates for the second time in a week, the exchange rate of the RMB has hit a historical high this month since the end of its peg to the USD.
January 31st,2008
Conspiracy Theory Stalks China-US Financial Relations
As the US subprime crisis has deepened and, since the beginning of this year, begun to affect China's economy, the Shanghai stock market has slumped while international markets have seen a loss of $7.5 trillion. Is it any surprise that some people, looking over their shoulders, under their beds and behind their doors, begin to wonder whether this isn't another American conspiracy. Even the odd senior researcher in one or another of China's most internationalized banks is beginning to cautiously breathe "Conspiracy Theory" to explain the arcane policies of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and US Treasury. Is it catching?
January 25th,2008
The Mystery of Valuing China's Dollar Asset
China has become a parking lot for excess dollars. A critical problem for China turns salient again these days: how to avoid a sinking of the value of its enormous US dollar assets?
January 23rd,2008
Beijing Sells Treasuries, Buys Municipals
Though recently, Beijing has moved to calm selling fears and clearly expressed an unwillingness to see a continued overall dollar depreciation, a reduction in Treasury bond holdings is taking place. But Beijing's net holdings in dollar assets are increasing.
Beijing-Washington interdependence January 20th,2008
Using Yuan Appreciation to Cope With High Oil Prices
The Chinese government is now actively picking up the pace on RMB appreciation in order to cope with the pressure that high oil price brought onto the Chinese economy.
the era of $100 oil price January 9th,2008
SAFE's Foray on Aussie Bank Assets Puzzles Market
A 200 million USD investment of China's foreign reserves by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange has come as a surprise to international financial markets. How China will deal with its 1.5 trillion USD foreign reserve has been a mystery lately and small part of that mystery has just been answered. And it wasn't as most people expected.
China's foreign exchange reserves investment January 8th,2008
Yuan Gearing Up to 10% in 2008
Compared to it 7% appreciation to the dollar in 2007 it looks like 2008 will bring as much as a 10% higher value against the dollar for the Chinese currency.
officially accelerating appreciation January 3rd,2008
An Undervalued Yuan? You Don't Say!
Appreciation is the new name of the game and perhaps the Chinese government's last resort to fixing its distorted economy, following the inadequacy of recent macro-economic policies.
Yuan appreciation December 1st,2007
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