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China-Russia to Scrap USD for Bilateral Trade?
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has urged that China and Russia use RMB and rubles in their bilateral trade. But China is understandably hesitant, with worries about the ruble's volatility and that the US might well think China is ganging up with Russia in an attack on the US dollar.
October 31st,2008
A Painful Lesson: a Tale of Hedging the Australian Dollar
China has become painfully aware that it is not immune to the effect of some of the financial shenanigans that have brought western companies low. In this case the consequences have come to China by way of Australia. Chinese companies investing in Australia have been badly hit by the decline of Australian dollar exchange rate.
October 26th,2008
SAFE to Set up International Reserve Department
The main responsibility of the international reserves department will be to undertake research on strategy and principles for international reserves operation and management, asset allocation, and risk management, and make relevant suggestions.
October 23rd,2008
RMB Depreciation?! CICC Says Down 2% Next Year
Since the 2005 RMB exchange rate reform, or the even the beginning of RMB appreciation expectations in 2003, thoughts about any depreciation of RMB have never appeared in investment bank reports. But yesterday CICC Chief Economist Ha Jiming expressed just such expectation for the first time in a CICC report. "The RMB exchange rate against USD depends on the USD trend. Next year RMB may be 2% down against the USD."
October 16th,2008
China's Hot Capital Inflows Reversing: Whither the Economy?
China's foreign exchange reserve grew by only $21.4 billion in September, showing capital is flowing out of the country into which hot money had been flooding.
October 15th,2008
RMB Rise: China's Response to the Financial Upheaval?
The financial world is focusing on whether China's policy makers can control inflation and successfully continue healthy growth at the same time, which is crucial not only for China, but also the global economy. The RMB exchange rate is important in rebalancing the global economy. With a recession looming, the world's major economic entities are watching each other's currencies, and at the moment RMB in particular.
September 24th,2008
US and World Financial Crisis, a Good Time for RMB internationalization ?
While China possesses the world's largest foreign exchange reserve, it cannot also evade involvement in the crises that beset the world. It is time to consider how can RMB become an international currency and, at the same time, weather external financial risks, for a stable international monetary system and its financial markets are in great need of China's contribution.
September 17th,2008
"Hot Money" Still Flowing into China Despite Dollar Rebound
The US dollar is rebounding, and expectations are that that and the US Federal Reserve increasing interest rates will open the floodgates for international capital to gush out of China and trigger financial turmoil and ruin for the Chinese economy. Except that it's not happening. On the contrary, flows of speculative, unregulated capital, the so-called "hot money," are still heading into China.
September 5th,2008
RMB Exchange Rate in Surprise Slump Against the USD
Last week, as the Chinese government decided that securing economic growth trumped inflation abatement, the RMB exchange rate saw its biggest fall since the beginning of exchange rate reform in July, 2005. And the slump continued on Monday.
August 4th,2008
RMB Exchange Rate Won't Be a One-Way Street
In fact, in the newsletter about the second quarterly meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee, which was released last Sunday evening, the People's Bank of China (PBoC), China's central bank, replaced its policy of "increasing the flexibility of the RMB exchange rate, and maintaining the RMB exchange rate at a stable and rational level" in the first quarter, with "maintaining the RMB exchange rate at a stable and rational level".
July 29th,2008
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