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China's Steel Industry Losses Expanding
Baosteel has revealed a nearly 50% net profit decline in its 3rd quarter financial report, and latest figures from the China Iron and Steel Association (CISA) indicate that 3rd quarter profits for China's steel industry as a whole slumped by nearly 40% over the first half of 2008, with some steel companies already suffering losses. Due to the impact of the financial crisis and domestic slowing, more companies will see losses in the fourth quarter.
October 31st,2008
Huawei's Ever-Expansion Strategy May Hit a Wall, or Not
With their price advantage, and the conservative strategy of their rivals, ZTE and Huawei are confidently accelerating their expansion into European and US markets. Huawei's competitors, however, are wondering whether the expansion can continue.
October 31st,2008
Big Three Airlines Oozing Cash, Seek Lifeline from the Government
China's three biggest airlines all reported losses in their recently released third-quarter financial reports and are facing decreasing demand and increasing costs. All have applied for a capital injection from the government. China Eastern, it is thought, may get $3 billion from the government.
October 30th,2008
China to Apply More Protectionism in Agriculture
The Chinese government is to establish an access system for foreign-invested agricultural products companies and an examination system for M&A by foreign capital relating to agricultural security. As overseas grain dealers are seeking to control the industry chain of China's agricultural products, the Chinese government may be forced to raise the threshold for foreign capital's expansion to ensure grain security.
October 21st,2008
China's Giant Toymaker Fell Victim to the US Financial Crisis
Smart Union Group, a giant toymaker listed in Hong Kong, closed its two factories in Dongguan, Guangdong province this week. The bankruptcy is first recent case in China's real economy impacted by the financial crisis in the US, where most Chinese toymakers export. With the global financial crisis' spill-over effects on China increasing, a new wave of business closures is to come among export-oriented industries and the government has been launching rescue measures.
October 18th,2008
On-line Game Industry Faces Falling Share Prices, Fiercer Competition
There appear to be growing differences between market investors and the producers of China's online games. While Wall Street confidence in the industry is collapsing, companies and their managers are choosing to buy back shares to stem the out rush with a show of faith. But increasing competition in the industry means that investors may be right in standing back a bit to see how it all falls out.
October 17th,2008
For ZTE and Huawei WiMAX Offers International Opportunities
From 2G to 3G, Huawei and ZTE, two big Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturers on the path towards international operations, have focused on developing countries while maintaining a discrete presence in European and American markets, where international telecoms facilities giants exercise superiority. But the growing large-scale commercial use of the 4th kind of 3G standard, WiMAX, in developed countries will provide an excellent opportunity for them, although one full of challenge.
October 17th,2008
China's Electronic Appliance Giants to Take On Recycling
Chinese consumers buy tens of billions of dollars worth home appliances yearly, most of them to replace older models, which are then trashed. On average, they discard over 5 million TV sets, about 5 million washing machines, and about 4 million refrigerators, among other appliances, every year for a total more than 15 million throwaways.
October 16th,2008
COSCO Shipshape Despite Industry Downturn
While long maintaining a pragmatic attitude towards its container and dry bulk transportation business, COSCO's biggest earner, the company has been promoting its transformation from a pure shipping company into a comprehensive logistics company. Global port layout is a part of this strategy.
October 14th,2008
China Eastern Close to Gaining Control of Shanghai Airlines
It's been rumored that the Shanghai city government has approved China Eastern Airline's acquisition of Shanghai Airlines, expanding China Eastern's already largest market share in the region. However, as the global aviation industry is facing colder weather as a whole, it is not plain whether the acquisition is good one, or at a good time, for China Eastern.
October 11st,2008
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