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Chery's RMB10 billion Bloodline, the Start of a Car Industry Bail Out?
While the American administration and Capital Hill are debating if and how to bailout the US Big Three carmakers in Detroit, China is lending huge to one of its own auto manufacturers, Chery. With China's domestic auto producers also experiencing a difficult year, analysts suspect the Chinese government is set to bailout its fledgling auto industry.
December 9th,2008
New BYD Hybrid Gets Jump in Electric Car Wars in China
After five years of toiling in the alternative energy trenches, Biyadi (BYD) is set to introduce its new model, the F3DM plug-in hybrid car. With this launch, BYD will reach the hybrid market, will indeed originate it, two to three years earlier in China than the overseas auto giants. For the first time, a Chinese automaker is leading in auto technology and China's electric car market may become the new battlefield of global car producers.
December 1st,2008
Slumping Steel Bets on Stimulus Package and Export Tax Cut
Beijing's economic stimulation plan is going to crowd the order books of China's sliding steel industry for hundreds of millions tons of the stuff. Meanwhile, the government is also canceling the export tariff to stimulate the sale of Chinese steel overseas. Expectations are these two measures will help pull China's steel industry back from the brink of hard time
November 24th,2008
Gome Billionaire Detained on Market Manipulation Accusations
39-year-old Huang Guangyu, China's legendary top billionaire and president of Gome (pronounced Go-may), China's biggest electrical appliance retailer, has been detained on suspicion of market manipulation
November 24th,2008
"Gray" Baidu Needs to Clean Itself Up
"Gray advertisements," ads for products on the shady side of business or from companies unlicensed in the areas they occupy, can find no access to traditional media, but are flooding onto the Internet, and Baidu, China's leading searching engine, has recently been found to be a major facilitato
November 21st,2008
Nortel's Situation Dire, Faced with Huawei, ZTE and Global Giants
Huawei's and ZTE's low cost global expansion plans are putting heavy pressure on the world's more mature telecoms companies, and Motorola and other big-time equipment makers are facing the heat. Among them, Nortel's situation is undoubtedly the wors
November 17th,2008
Focus Media Slower Growth Show the Severe in Chine
The Focus model to attract target audience to watch commercials while waiting for the elevator or at time of boredom was once regarded as classic case study of the so-called "blue ocean strategy". Over the last five years, the company has been expanding at a breakneck speed through aggressive acquisition, but now is facing "the most severe in the modern history of the Chinese advertising industr
November 11st,2008
Taiwan, Infrastructure Investment to Ease Pressure for Shippers
Huge government investment in the construction of an inland water transport system and the long-awaited direct shipping across the Taiwan Straits finally becoming a reality are providing timely support for Chinese shipping companies currently struggling to find profit growth. Some firms are also trying to get past the difficulties through alliances with domestic iron ore giants.
November 9th,2008
China Sets Out to Compete with Boeing and Airbus
China has finally decided to get into the airliner construction business. A project to produce independently 130- to 200-seat airliners will be launched during the thirteen "five-year plan." China has already decided centers for manufacturing and assembly, product design, and customer service, and will invite tenders worldwide.  
November 5th,2008
Pepsi to Step Up China Competition with Coke
With Coke acquiring Huiyuan Group, a major Chinese juice producer, for about $2.4 billion, its biggest Asian acquisition and second largest acquisition ever, people have been speculating about how Pepsi, Coke's major rival, would respond to the issue. They were answered when Pepsi President and CEO Indra Nooyi arrived in China today and announced a $1 billion investment in China. This is Pepsi's largest investment in China till now.
November 4th,2008
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