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Beijing to Give Car Industry a Boost
The Chinese government has decided to give a solid boost to the auto industry, with the view that revitalizing the auto industry will play an important role in the restoration of consumers' confidence. This year's automobile market is now expected to rebound
January 16th,2009
Change Sweeps Detroit Show as BYD Debuts Electric Car
Chinese carmaker Biyadi's electric car debut is challenging Detroit and Japan and has taken the lead among "environmentally friendly" cars. Li Zhuhang, BYD's general manager of export trade and in charge of overseas business, is enjoying being constantly swarmed by American reporte
January 14th,2009
Anti-Monopoly Suit Simmering against Baidu
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) intends to strengthen the oversight of search engine Baidu as once again it has fallen into trouble. Clients are demanding an anti-monopoly investigation into its bidding system.
January 14th,2009
Huawei: Nortel Ethernet-No, Mobile Phones-Yes
Huawei's senior management has denied market gossip that it was planning to acquire Nortel's Municipal Ethernet (MEN) business, and added that the firm will introduce strategic investors into its mobile phone business instead of selling it
January 13rd,2009
Botched Integration, and Lenovo Faces Reorganization
Four years after it acquired the PC business from leviathan IBM, Lenovo, China's largest PC producer, is being forced to reorganize its business and lay off 11% of its total employees. Aside from pressures from the global financial shake out, unsuccessful internal integration and an ambiguous market strategy are the main culprits
January 12nd,2009
Huawei Sees Crisis as Opportunity to Expand
At about 12 midnight on January 2, Huawei employees who were still out holidaying received a joyful e-mail from Chairman Sun Yafang. "Our company maintained stable growth in 2008. Global sales reached $23.3 billion, up 46% year on year, and the percentage of income from the international market exceeded 75% of the total," he told his people.
January 7th,2009
Crackdown on Google, Baidu and Internet Portals Over Porn
China's largest portal websites and search engines, including Google, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Netease, are being censured for providing or spreading vulgar or pornographic contents, and websites carrying such materials will be shut down during the spring festival.
January 6th,2009
3G Ready to Launch before Chinese New Year
To stimulate China's internal demand, the government is readying to grant 3G licenses before China rings in its traditional New Year.
January 5th,2009
Fosun Jumps into Sina's Focus Acquisition
In days after sina.com,China's biggest portal website, declared its intention to acquire key assets of Focus Media, China's biggest outdoor advertising company, Fosun International, China's biggest private group company, disclosed it had bought, by 5 transactions, a 16.78% stake into Focus Media and on the NASDAQ open mar
December 31st,2008
Sanlu Bankrupt, Former Chair May Face Death Sentence
The Chinese government is determined to eliminate the shadow of Sanlu, the lead player in the melamine contaminated milk power scandal that has rocked China and many of its trading partners for the past several months.
December 26th,2008
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